Was It Frankenstein

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Was It Frankenstein’s Fault? Essay, Research Paper Over the centuries people claimed that they were influenced to do heinous crimes as a result of the environment they were placed in. Eve was influenced by the serpent; the Menendez were influenced by the evilness inflicted upon them by their parents sin; and teenagers that were influenced by the satanic music they listened to. Well, there is a similar case with Mary Shelly?s Frankenstein. In that, one of the main characters was influenced to do evil. Because throughout his miserable existence he sustained great rejection in the environment he was created in, as a result of his external appearance. Throughout the novel the “Monster” seemed to show some kind of desire to socialize with other people, however when ever he

attempted to socialize doing so he was rejected for his hideous appearance. The first instance of this was when the monster was created by Victor Frankenstein, his creator, was ecstatic with his achievement until the beast opened his eyes. “?Great God! His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath; his hair was of a lustrous black, and following; his teeth of pearly whiteness; but these luxuriance?s only formed a more horrid contrast with his water eyes,?” When Victor saw this disgusting sight he immediately ran away even though the monster had done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. The second instance of rejection is while the monster was walking he saw a young boy that seemed to have openly “kind” personality and the immaturity to

not hate someone just for their disfigured appearance. However when the “Monster” approached the boy, the child told the “Monster” that his father, Mr. Frankenstein (Alphonse the father of Victor) would kill the monster, when he got there, “?My papa is a Syndic–he is M. Frankenstein–he will punish you. You dare not keep me…” But why did the boy despise the monster so bad that he wanted him dead, was it because he is ugly, or disfigured. The last instance of rejection was after realizing he was unusual, the “Monster” encountered a family, called the De Lacey?s, living in a cabin. So to learn all he could from them, the “Monster” watched them in secrecy. Well, after a long and vigorous study he gained the courage to ask the De Lacey?s if they would allow

him be a part of their family, as long as he helped them out. Instead of honoring this, the family saw his hideous face they tried to kill him, even though he only had only pure intentions in talking to them. As retribution of the frequent rejection throughout his dour existence; he felt that he could take other lives to make the misery even for all. The first instance of this is because of Victor?s disposition towards his creation. The “Monster” became deranged to seek revenge on him. All because Frankenstein creating him so hideously it caused the monster to have a life of torment in the horrible environment he was created in. Some of the revenge that Victor sustained was that his brother, William, and his wife, Elizabeth were killed. The second instance of result for all

the rejection, is shown when William threatened the “Beast” life by being destroyed by Mr.Frankenstein. (which was actually the father of Victor) The “Monster” heard the name Frankenstein and thought it was the same person as his nemesis creator. So the creature stole the soul from William?s body, by simply encompassing his hands around the boy?s esophagus, thus ending the boys life. “?My papa is a Syndic–he is M.Frankenstein– he will punish you. You dare not keep me.? ?Frankenstein! You belong to my enemy?to him towards whom I have sworn eternal revenge; you shall be my first victim” The last instance of result for the rejection, is shown when the “Monster” came in peace to speak to the De Lacey?s, he was deeply depressed by the spurning and potential