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acquisition of personal information yet it is not making much of a difference. In 1974, the Privacy Act gave individuals the right to correct the personal info and prevents it from being used from other purposes by federal agencies, yet it does not apply to businesses. (Spinello) According to Lori Ringhand, 71% of people believed that consumers have lost all control about how much personal info about them is circulates and is used by companies. Also, 58% agree that federal freedom of information laws have gone too far in letting individuals and businesses get government records, so obviously the efforts are not exactly paying off to stop this fraud. In order to combat the further relinquishing of privacy rights, there are organized groups that inform others about the growing

problem. Huxley did not believe that this would happen and thought that the people would be so conditioned not to fight back unless they were in danger of losing something they needed such as soma. When the Savage tries to rally the rest of the citizens of the world and was throwing soma out the window, “they stared at him with a blank expression of dull and sullen resentment in their eyes (pg. 144).” Today, there are devoted groups designed to protect the rights of the people including the ACLU. To keep the government from obtaining too much personal information via the census, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has developed their Project on Privacy and Technology. As Kathleen Taylor, the executive director says, “Our organization agrees with the necessity of a

basic count to establish voting and representation rights, but believes that more detailed questions about the household and its occupants should be optional (Broom).” Many people are trying to prevent the decrease in privacy, but it is too late for many people who are only now finding out about their past experiences. More and more people are realizing that they were duped into having tests done on them by the government without consent and these people are trying hard to get compensation, but without much success. In Huxley’s world, the government had all power and could easily do tests on the inhabitants without them bei 32a