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Medical Information Bureau (MIB) has compiled a database of past medical records of millions of people in the United States. Richard A. Spinello states that this database will eventually contain genetic information as it becomes more and more obtainable, and this will then be available to HMO’s and pharmaceutical companies. He also believes that when hospitals hold free clinics, the information gathered there goes on record for future reference without the patients knowledge. Huxley was absolutely correct when he predicted that there would no longer be a strong sense of privacy both medically and informationally and this has come true today. A freedom specifically designated in the Constitution and one that is very important and for many people, yet is decreasing, is the

freedom of life. The freedom of life includes the freedom to live a healthy life and therefore when the government denies this freedom, the people lose the first amendment. An example of this is how the Army has in the past tested deadly diseases and chemical weapons on its own soldiers without theirconsent or knowledge. At the end of World War II, the Nuremburg Code ceased the testing of weapons or diseases on humans, yet there were many exceptions In 1975, the army gave LSD to 16 members of a missle unit to see if they could perform their tasks as well. Also, they wanted to see how LSD would effect the soldier’s ability to play volleyball when the soldiers being tested didn’t know that there were tests being done (Jones). Next, Huxley believed that in the future the

government would be able to completely control a person’s life which includes deciding when they would die or convincing them that dying is useful to the community. Linena and Bernard are duped into not fearing death because they believe that they are useful after death and they say, “Fine to think we can go on being socially useful even after we’re dead. Making plants grow (pg. 49).” They are so conditioned to not fear death that at any time the government can take a life without upseting anyone. Today, another way that the freedom of life is denied for many people has been with the testing of diseases. The U.S.government subjected U.S. soldiers, who thought they were testing clothing, to cruel experiments with mustard gas which ate the skin of the participants. For 40

years, U.S. Public Service doctors gave 400 black men syphilis and did not treat them and yet again, the men didn’t know that the disease was given to them (Jones). The response of the government: “In order to preserve our way of life some people, unknown to them and unknown to us, are going to give their all for the good of all.” (Jones) Although there aren’t any actual medical tests on the people of Brave New World, Huxley showed the lack of freedom in a different way. By not giving the people a way to prolong their life and by not allowing them to die on their own, the government is further destroying the first amendment. Although this treatment is cruel and inhumane, it is even worse when the government does tests to the general public without their knowledge. The

government has tested the effects of bombs and different chemicals by secretly releasing them into the atmosphere around populated areas. From 1945 to 1962, 250,000 troops were ordered to witness blasts from atomic bombs at close range and with no protection from radiation and of course, they did not receive compensation. Also, 100,000 civilians received some, but not as much exposure to the radiation. (Jones) In 1950, the army secretly spread harmful bacteria over some cities in order to study its effects. (Jones) In Huxley’s world the government secretly sterilizes some people while making others unsterile and therefore they are denying some of them their natural physical capabilities. Due to the increased preservation of medical records, anyone can access the records of

someone else and this is another example of how privacy is decreasing in the modern age. This is a growing problem that people are very aware of and many are trying to fight back to regain some freedom but with little success. To regain freedom of privacy, some people have petitioned the government to legislate laws to protect the citizens. Huxley’s character John Savage revolts against the society because he realizes how little control each person has, yet this is only because he was a visitor. Throughout the book the people of BNW do not revolt and one may say Huxley was wrong in his prediction but actually he was right. This is because he believed they would not revolt because of their conditioning by soma and hypnopaedia. Today, there are people trying to stop the