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By making drugs illegal, they are also making drug prices skyrocket. As Weir puts it ?the War on Drugs makes narcotics a hundred times more expensive, than if they were to be purchased legitimately?(160). This increase in price causes hard-core users to commit crimes more frequently to support their habit. It also increases incentive for those who are daring enough to deal and smuggle illegal drugs. Another result of prohibition is more hard-core use, or binging on the illegal substance. Weir also adds ?as patterns from prohibition show, making a substance illegal only results in a change from steady, moderate consumption to binges?(160). Prohibition laws of the 1920?s only brought about a huge, mafia controlled industry for alcohol, while doing nothing to prevent drinking among

citizens. Making something illegal only creates a taboo, which people will break only because they know its wrong. By prohibiting drugs more people are likely to experiment as a way of rebelling against the system. Some people will tell you that the War on Drugs has been a great success, don?t let them fool you. Almost weekly a sports star, movie star, government official, or famous musician is exposed for drug use. Go to the movies, turn on the television or radio, and you will see drugs are as much a part of the American society as baseball and apple pie. Even Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich have admitted to experimenting with marijuana. With drug abusers climbing higher on the ranks of society daily, it only makes for a more corruptible system. No matter how much is spent on

ads and prevention campaigns the drug problem will never be solved with prohibition. Teens just see anti-drug commercials as a way for the government to tell them what to do. If the government believes it is winning the war on drugs, then where is the hard proof? The drug problem has only grown worse in the 90?s. This war must be stopped immediately. Every year more and more tax money is wasted, with little or no results. I believe a government-controlled legalization of drugs is the only solution. Drugs would no longer be seen as a way for teens to rebel against authority figures. The illegal drug-trade that controls today?s streets would be non-existent. A steady decline in incarcerations would be seen, and violent drug-related would go down also. Let us put an end to America?s

second type of prohibition. Let us put an end to the ?War on Drugs?. Bibliography crackhead times.