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War On Drugs Essay, Research Paper The Wonderful War on Drugs The Wonderful War On Drugs In recent years the so-called ?war on drugs? has taken over the streets and back alleys of suburban America. It has caused a problem that mirrors the prohibition days of the 1920?s and early 30?s. Politicians trying to play ?tough guy,? are only contributing to more violence. Their laws have created an underground drug-trade, in which modern drug-dealers have taken the place of the bootleggers of old. The real question is whether or not this ?war? is working. Most people would like to believe that it is, and there are a few statistics that show it has. But just watch any news program, and you will see this war has failed miserably. Drug-related crimes happen constantly in today?s society,

and in recent years have involved increasing numbers of innocent bye standards. Daily, police officers face ruthless dealers, who would rather shoot at a cop than spend 25 years in prison. On top of all that, there has been no real proof of a decline in drug use among people in America. Is this ?war? really the best answer to America?s widespread drug problem? Should the government be allowed to spend billions annually fighting this hopeless war? Looking at this information you begin to realize that, not only does this ?war? affect every person in the U.S., but it is also a war with no winners. War is never pretty, and the war on drugs is no exception. For this ?war? to work it must stop drugs in at least one of three areas. Either by stopping drugs at the border, stopping drug

dealers at home, or preventing drug use within the country. Military and law enforcement has failed to accomplish any of these, and it is not because of limited funds. ?Last year state and federal governments spent $30 billion plus on the battle against drugs?(Anony71). This outrageous spending hasn?t made a dent in the modern drug-trade. Politicians are trying to approach the problem with supply-side economics. You try to block the supply to force the cost of hard drugs up, pricing most users out of the market. It has not worked. ?Cocaine and heroin prices have fallen greatly since the early 80?s, while strength and purity tend to be rising in these drugs?(Anony71). The statistics regarding drug interdiction at the border have proven stopping drugs at the border is an expensive

failure. Joseph McNamara say?s ?the government estimates that they seize only 10% of the drugs coming across the border?(537). Stopping the dealers within our own borders hasn?t proved an easy task either. With police going after more common users dealers are forced to compete more violently for fewer customers. Doctors in Detroit are saying that they?re ?seeing fewer overdoses, but more drug related shootings, stabbings, and assaults as dealers fight amongst themselves?(Torr39). No real decrease in drug use among citizens has been seen as a result of police action anyway. Increasing numbers of teens are turning to a life of drugs in America. ?Marijuana use among teens has doubled in the last three years?, while at the same time ?Americans are spending $20 billion annually on

drug related medical costs?(McCaffery4). For this battle to be fought, it must be proven as a cause worth fighting for. Fencing off the entire country, and jamming non-violent offenders in already overcrowded prisons is not a smart way for this battle to be won. If you look closely it is plain to see that prohibition has not worked in the past, and will most definitely not work in the future. Should the government really be allowed to prosecute non-violent offenders for consensual crimes committed in their own home? You may have heard the saying ?history always repeats itself,? does America not remember what the outcome of alcohol prohibition was. The outlawing of any controlled substance will only bring rise to more violent outlaws willing to risk life and limb for high profits.