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War In Literature Essay, Research Paper War In Literature In war soldiers go through traumatizing experiences. Some go insane in battle, those who live through the war often suffer from post war syndrome. They wonder daily whether they are going to live or die, and how their wife and family are. Many often hope for a cushy one in the leg, to go home. The Sergeant s Private Madhouse , The Second Variety , and Goodbye to all That have many similar war aspects but as technology evolved many new war experiences were interwoven. The Sergeants Private Madhouse by Stephen Cuane takes place during the Spanish-American War, Goodbye to All That is during World War I, and The Second Variety is set in the future. Technological advances went from simple guns to killer robots. Like in The

Second Variety , people were killed by the continent with nuclear weapons and the survivors had to deal with robots who s only purpose is to kill the living. Things weren t like in The Sergeants Private Madhouse where the biggest fear was a bayonet charges and simple firearm fire. Or like in Goodbye to All That where small explosives and sniper rifles were commonly used. There was also the introduction of poison gas at this time. Even though the weapons evolved and wars became more like an early death. Most soldiers suffered traumatizing effects, whether it be from hypothermia or witnessing your brother s death. The Sergeants Private Madhouse had one soldier loose it during battle. He sang children s songs while his troop tried to defend a surprise attack. In Goodbye to all That

men were so afraid they d try to get a cushy shot to the arm or leg so they could go home. Even in The Second Variety the creators of the robotic soldiers cursed their creation. Soldiers rarely did what their mind thought right. Rather they stayed on the battle field for one reason, the love for their country. The soldiers in The Sergeant s Private Madhouse stayed close and fought like a team rather than worked like everyone for them self. And the damage in The Second Variety and Goodbye to all That was obvious and the soldiers ignored their instinct to flee. The most common thing with war is the death. Whole continents were wiped out in The Second Variety . Many deaths were experienced in close range, some were friends and brothers. Some of the soldiers who tried to get cushy

ones for early relief from the war got it, only in a casket. Just imagine a well aimed grenade in a trench of people. The Russians had little chance against the claws who used their number to their advantage and their ability to evolve. It s a wonder why war even exists. However they will always exists as long as a man has problems with things. I just hope that World War III doesn t happen while I m around. I really hope that the prediction for the future, in The Second Variety is not accurate. I do not want humans to become extinct and replaced by robots.