War Between Lebanon And Isreal Essay Research

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War Between Lebanon And Isreal Essay, Research Paper War Between Lebanon and Israel The country originated in 1948. In 1967-1973 a war broke out between Lebanon and Israel Conflict between the Christian-dominated government and Moslem leftist led to a crisis in 1958, which United States troops at the request of Lebanon?s president being sent to restore order (Sean Sheenan, 35) They believe the conflict between the two countries broke out because of the differences in cultures and faiths in gods. During the 1970?s, relationships between the Christians, who dominated the economy and government, wanted to maintain Hizbollah is a radical Shiite Muslim organism (Sean Sheenan, 35). During the Arab-Israel wars in 1967 and 1973, it was founded the principle base for Palestinian

guerrilla?s against Israel. The poor Arabs of Lebanon were politicized by the impact of Israel?s invasions in 1978 and 1982 and Hizbollah was the name given to their political organization. (Sean Sheenan, 35). In a newspaper article from Orlando Sentinel on March 11, 2000, it states that on the Isreal-lebansese border Israel soldiers unloaded concrete blocks and sandbags in preparation for a withdrawal from Lebanon that would leave this outpost on the front line (Associated Press). Lebanese guerrillas were left on the land just yard away from their homes, orchards and highways. The decision to remain inside even a tiny part of Lebanon, however, could give the guerrillas a pretext for continuing the war (Associated Press). Leaving the guerrillas just yard away could cause a

conflict between the two countries in just seconds. Fences built all around towns that surround overgrown weeds and the fences are almost torn down, today they are being replaced by big concrete walls. You might ask why there are fences being replaced with big concrete walls? Well, there have been shootings and other things caused by the conflicts between the two countries. Today The countries are very peaceful and conflict between the countries have been worked out completely. Bibliography References Book: Cultures of the World; Lebanon: Sean Sheehan, New York. Time Editions Pte Hd 1997 Encyclopedia: New Standard Encyclopedia; K-L, Page L-135-136 Volume eight; standard Educational Corporation, Chicago Newspaper Article: Orlando Sentinel, March 11, 2000. Associated Press.

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