WAR And PEACE And How It Effected

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WAR And PEACE And How It Effected The World Essay, Research Paper If your computer starts up in the 24 bit version of the game with fuzzy looking graphics, try re-selecting the screen mode from the F11 menu. This should cure this problem. High colour GTA uses a built-in version of the "univbe" display driver to provide its multitude of 15, 16 and 32-bit display modes. If your video card is not recognised by the univbe check, or if you change your video card and the check does not update to it, try running uvconfig.exe in the gtados directory. If that doesn’t work, try running 24-bit GTA by typing "gta24 -nounivbe" in the gtados directory. This will cause it to skip univbe and use your video card’s native drivers instead. Alternatively, get hold of the

latest version of univbe from SciTech Software, and run it as a TSR before running GTA. Windows Drivers ( Grand Theft Auto DirectX ) GTA DirectX will only work correctly if you have the latest Windows 95 Direct X Microsoft-certified driver for your video card. Your video card vendor should be able to supply this. Some of the latest versions of drivers will allow the use of High colour / Low resolution screen modes (recommended). An example of this is the Matrox Millenium. Gravis Ultrasound The DOS version of GTA, run under Windows 95, will not play any sound effects with an Ultrasound, UNLESS you shut down windows into MS-DOS mode, or change the PIF from DOS-Box to MS-DOS mode. DOS Version – CD Sound To allow CD audio to play on the DOS version of GTA, when run under a bootable

version of DOS, make sure that you have the MSCDEX driver loaded. On a Windows 95 machine, if you play the DOS version through Windows, or in a DOS box, you should get CD audio. Sidewinder Control Pad – In DOS GTA The Microsoft Sidewinder pad is not compatible with DOS GTA. However, it can be used with Windows (DirectX) GTA. Voodoo Graphics (3Dfx) Users GTA supports 3Dfx Glide 2.42 and higher. Voodoo Graphics users must have this updated version of Glide installed on their system. To install the updated Glide runtime driver kit, run the grtvgr.exe file in the 3Dfx folder of the GTA CD. Note that we recommend 32MB of RAM to run 3DFX GTA. EMM386 (DOS) In DOS 6.22, If you have the line DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE in your CONFIG.SYS, play GTA, quit then press Ctrl-Alt-Del to reset the

machine, you may find that the keyboard does not respond any more.