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Walt Disney Essay, Research Paper Walter Elias Disney, established himself as a legend in the cartoon industry. His by products have become a genuine part of the American culture. Walt Disney has had a profound effect on many people and will continue to have for many years to come. In 1901, on December 5th in Chicago, Illinois, Walter Elias Disney was born to Elias and Flora Disney. Even though he loved to draw, moving to a farm near Marceline, Montana in 1906 is probably what influenced his later creations. His first drawings were creations of farm animals. At the age of sixteen his family returned to Chicago where he attended McKinley High School. His real interests were at night when he took courses at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He enlisted in Military service

during World War I, but was rejected because of his young age of sixteen. He then joined the Red Cross where he spent a year overseas driving an ambulance. The exterior of his ambulance was covered all over with his cartoon drawings. After World War I, he returned to Kansas City, where he began his career as an advertising cartoonist. Here, in 1920 he created and marketed his first original animated cartoons. A few years later, he perfected a new method for combining live-action and animation. In Kansas City, Missouri, Walt Disney met animator, Ub Iwerks and composer Carl Stalling, whom later became important to his future success. Unfortunately, the company that they had started soon went bankrupt. In August of 1923, Walt Disney left Kansas City for Hollywood with nothing but a

few drawings, forty dollars in his pocket, and a completed animated and live-action film. His brother, Roy O. Disney, gave Walt $250. They pooled all their resources. They borrowed an additional five-hundred dollars, and constructed a camera stand in their uncle s garage. Soon, they received an order from New York for the first Alice Comedy featurette. The brothers began their production operation in the rear of Hollywood real estate office. Together they started the Disney Brothers Studios. Mickey Mouse was created in November of 1928 as a good-natured mouse who often finds himself in difficult situations. Walt s talents were first used in a silent cartoon entitled Plane Crazy which starred Mickey Mouse. However, before the cartoon could be released, sound came upon the motion

picture screen. Mickey made his screen debut in Steamboat Willie , the world s first fully synchronized sound cartoon. This premiered at the Colony Theatre in New York on November 18, 1928. Walt s drive to perfect the art of animation was endless. During the 1930s, Disney also produced the Silly Symphony series of shorts which served as a venue for experimentation for new technologies. For example, Technicolor which was one of the first color film systems was introduced to animation during the production of his Silly Symphonies . He also was responsible for the relationship between visuals and music. In 1932, the film entitled Flowers and Trees won Walt the first of his 32 personal Academy Awards. Disney introduced other popular characters in subsequent family-orientated films of

the 1930 s and 1940 s, including Minnie Mouse, Mickey s girlfriend; Goofy, likeable dog and the excitable Donald Duck. In 1937, he released The Old Mill , the first short subject to utilize the multiplane camera technique. These shorts can be considered precursors to Disney s full-length animated film Fantasia, which appeared in 1940 and in which animated images served an interpretations of well-known symphonic music. On December 21 of that same year, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , the first full-length animated musical feature, premiered at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles. Produced at the unheard cost of $1,499,000 during the depths of the Depression, the film in still accounted as one of the great feats and imperishable monuments of the motion picture industry.