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Walt Disney Essay, Research Paper Walt Disney is a cartoonist and master of motion picture animation. He made the world fall in love with a large-eared mouse, a scheming duck, and dozens of other animal characters. As his career progresses he turned the making of full-length animated films into an art form. Walt lived on the edge of tomorrow but he dared to make his dreams come true. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 into a modest Chicago household. His first name was taking from the Congregational minister who baptized him, his middle name was Elias named after his father. Walt s father Elias Disney was a Canadian and of Anglo-Irish descent. Elias had many different jobs through his life. Walt s mother Flora Disney was a lively, even tempered woman. She would read the

children stories and play games with them. She cooked, cleaned and made butter which she sold in town. Walt was the fourth of five children. He had three brothers, Herbert, Raymond, Roy and one younger sister Ruth. In 1906 the Disney family moved to a farm in Marline, Missouri. On the farm Walt would take cared of the animals, chickens, pigeons, ducks and pigs. He liked to work even though caring for the animals was a big job for a boy Walt s age. He named all the animals and he would draw animals on the farm and in the fields around it. There was no paper to spare in the Disney household, so he sketched animals on toilet paper and wrapping paper. Relatives admired Walt s drawings and his Aunt Margaret from Kansas City sent him drawing materials. 2 Elias Disney was a hard man, a

believer in physical punishment and harsh economic discipline. The children received no allowances and no playthings. For Christmas their presents were practical items like shoes and underwear. It was Roy Disney, working at odd jobs, who supplied Walt and his sister with an occasional toy. Walt Disney didn t start school in Marline until he was almost seven years old. His dad wanted him to wait until his younger sister Ruth could attend school with him. Walt went to The Park School, it was about one mile away from Disney s house. Walt only spent two years at The Park School. He had to leave because Herbert and Raymond saved up enough money and ran away. Roy was eight years older than Walt and he didn t like the farm. Only Walt and his little sister liked the farm. Elias got

typhoid fever from the well water, he was in poor health for years. Roy couldn t run the farm himself and it was too small to support a family. In the summer of 1910 the Disney s sold there farm and moved to Kansas City Missouri. Walt had only spent five years in Marline but he would never forget it or the animals or the people he knew there. In Kansas City his dad supported his family with a newspaper delivery service. Since he was in poor health, he couldn t deliver the papers himself. That job was up to Walt and Roy. Every morning, they were up by 3:30am to start there routes. They weren t allowed to throw the papers, in the warm weather they had to take each one up to the door and place it there, unfolded with a stone on top to weigh it down. In cold weather, they had to open

the storm door and put the paper inside. As soon as they were done delivering the papers they would rush home, have breakfast and go to school. After school they delivered the evening paper. Sometimes Walt was so tired he would take a nap in the corridor of one of the apartment houses where he delivered papers. All of the money Roy and Walt made from delivering newspapers went to their father. One day Roy ran away. Walt would make money of his own by delivering more papers and sweeping 3 out the candy store across the street from his school and by delivering prescriptions for a drugstore. He spent most of his money of his money on candy. While Walt was working his schoolwork at the Benton school suffered. Walt s interest was outside schoolwork. In Kansas City, he discovered the