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from Wallenburg to his family, friends and acquaintances. Also there is some quotations from stories of associates of Wallenburgs whom he met in prison or rescued from Nazis.. INFOMATIVNESS I found this book very informative on the topic of Raoul Wallenburg, especially since you don’t just get one point of view. You get the real stories of how he helped the people of Budapest and the stories from his acquaintances. REFERENCE SOURCE I think this book would serve well as a reference source. Sinceit has an index, preface, forward, epilogue, appendix and noteson sources which all can help you in researching this topic. RECOMMENDATION I would recommend this book if the person were interested inthe politics of World War II. However, I found the book toodifficult to understand. The

author assumes that you have ageneral knowledge of who was who and who was on which side.A grade ten history student will most likely not know the peoplespoke of if they are not properly introduced. Overall, I would notrecommend this book to another grade ten history student.