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has an eight year old’s attitude. He has the as a matter of fact tone of voice. In the book, he picks up the exploring and hunting in the wild habit very quickly. He enjoys it and he knows he s doing it. Peter also is a natural leader. He naturally leads Mary through the mountains. But when there is an option to play, he immediately gives everything up for it. The aboriginal boy is a very hard character to describe. Because he is from a different culture than Mary or Peter, he can t communicate very well, he cant play very well, and he also finds the lubra frightening. All this makes him hard to describe. The boy comes from a very primitive race. He is very stupid compared to Mary s race, but he is very smart for the Aboriginal race. He knows just what is needed to survive, and

how to have fun, nothing but. He is swift in hunting but gentle in play. He is a good teacher but is sometimes impatient. Walkabout was a very interesting book to read. It entertained me with its vast descriptions, while egging me on with its exploration. I enjoyed the ending. Wonce they had reached the Billabong, everything I didn t like about the book just cleared up. I would read the book again. Although it is not the type of book I usually enjoy, I enjoyed this one. I would strongly recommend this book to those who like nature adventure books!