Walden By Thoreau And Nature By Emerson

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Walden By Thoreau And Nature By Emerson Essay, Research Paper Transcendentalism is used frequently as main topics in the stories ?Nature? and Walden. These two themes are heavily concentrated on though these two stories are similar on the aspects of themes, though they differ on the thoughts of civilization and governments. These two stories also differ in the realms of creativity in the story. Walden was a story written by Thoreau, which is fairly similar to the contrasting book ?Nature?. Emerson who uses his thoughts on transcendentalism to play a key role in the story writes ?Nature?. Emerson uses the themes of Nature and God to represent and reflect nature as transcendentalism. Thoreau stresses the relationship with God and Nature at the same time. The two themes are used

at once to direct the story in the path that the Thoreau wants it to lead. This is easily shown in the statement, ? In the woods we return to reason and faith.? Both themes are quite similar though it is said that Emerson is more creative and imaginative in his way of depicting the short story as it progresses. The six characteristics of Transcendentalism stand out in each one of these stories. Both of these stories concentrate on writing about nature more than anything else. Emerson thought that God was a personal matter and that the relationship between man and god can only be embraced and made through man himself. The similarities are so stressed in these articles it is difficult to see them as contrasting on the elements of themes. Though the story written by Emerson seems to

be more detailed, Thoreau talks more of living closely with nature and becoming one with the elements around us and, the utopia that can be created. Both authors use the six characteristics wisely and their details help the reader identify with what is happening in the story and to realize that both authors are Transcendentalists. Amazingly enough the two authors depicted above are known as the two best Transcendentalists in our history. They use all six of the characteristics with expertise and great skill, their awesome skills paint a vivid picture for the reader of their stories. The show us what we can learn from nature and all that it has to show us about our future, and they do it in such a way that it inspires us to act. Thus, Emerson and Thoreau are the two greatest

transcendentalists authors in our history.