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yet a couple of states notably Virginia refused to enforce this national policy. Virginia there by was in control of its own laws regardless of the mandates of the federal government. A final effect of the Voting Rights Act was that the South was forever changed. The fact that the blacks were able to vote was very significant in that it changed the political landscape of the south. The Act had an immediate impact. Within months of its passage on August 6, 1965, one quarter of a million new black voters had been registered, one third by federal examiners (Hudson 96). Within four years, voter registration in the South had more than doubled. In 1965, Mississippi had the highest black voter turnout, 74 percent, and led the nation in the number of black leaders elected. In 1969,

Tennessee had a 92.1 percent turnout; Arkansas, 77.9 percent; and Texas, 73.1 percent. When Congress passed the Voting Rights Act, barely 100 African Americans held elective office in the U.S.; by 1989 there were more than 7,200, including more than 4,800 in the South (Hudson 96). The Voting Rights Act was a very significant time in not only the south but also in America. The impact that this act has had on America can even been seen today in our everyday lives. It truly was a turning point in the true democracy direction. Now after this clause every citizen can have equal rights. The blacks have the right to vote. America became a more democratic nation. The bill of rights was applied to every citizen. Discrimination was outlawed. The states had lost a significant amount of

their sovereignty. Last but not least the south was forever changed.