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challenge. Without diversity and difficulty in each one of our lives, we are bored. This is further illustrated by Senator Seignor Pococurante, who has a seemingly ideal life, but is bored to death with all his possessions and is altogether unhappy. In the city of El Dorado, the city of dreams, the city so many have looked for, Candide refuses to stay. Why? To illustrate the vanity and desire be god like. In El Dorado, he is just like everyone else. However, taking with him El Dorado’s treasures, he becomes an ideal elsewhere. He is not content to be content; he wants more than that. However, the main point Voltaire makes at the end of this novel with the garden is that to be content is to be happy. All the characters in the book were searching for happiness and yet always

found discontent. It is at the end that finally Candide understands to be happy it is necessary to do something he is content in, and thus finds happiness. This is important to the satire of the whole, because it is Voltaire’s summation of all the criticisms, all that is wrong with society. This book is just an all out attack on society, and uses humor to illustrate his views. It is indeed a finally irony that in the end seriousness that the satirical journey of Candide comes to a close. “Let us cultivate our Garden.” Five short words, Voltaire’s final summation to the great comedy that is Candide.