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Christianity, and intolerance, which he viewed as infamous institutions. His other targets were the horrendous systems of criminal justice, unfair taxation, and censorship of the press. Despite his amenity for organized religion, Voltaire always opposed religious persecution. He felt the concept of God was necessary to explain the universe and life, but he did not believe in one having a soul. He also believed in the freedom of thought, the respect for individuals, and said that literature should be useful and concerned with the problems of modern day. Although Voltaire was known principally as a reformer and a teller of tall tales, he had a keen awareness of what is now called the human predicament- the struggle that mankind experiences while living in society. Today, Voltaire

is known as one of the world?s greatest writers and philosophers whose style, wit, ideas, views, and his keen sense of justice was simply misunderstood in his time.