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Everest. Some volcanoes have been found in our solar system that are not on the planet Earth. One volcano, which is the largest one in our solar system, is Mount Olympus Mons on the planet Mars. This is the only volcano found on the planet mars. There are also numerous volcanoes found on Io, a moon of the planet Jupiter. These volcanoes also show that some plate tectonics on Io, even though no plate tectonics is believed to have occurred on Mars. Volcanoes form when magma, melted rock underground (it is called lava when it reaches the surface) (most of it forms around 50 to 100 miles underground), when the magma mixes with gas and rises, pressure builds against the surface, the magma breaks through and you get a volcano. Shield volcanoes form when a lot of lava spills out of a

vent and goes in a broad, flatter area. Another type of different volcano is a cinder cone. Cinder cones are made when tephra, thick globs of magma, erupts from a vent in the ground and comes back down then accumulates. A famous one is Paricut?n in western Mexico. It started to form in 1943 in the middle of a farmer?s corn field, then it started to stop in 1952. When it was finished, the cinder cone was 1,345 feet higher than the base. Then there are composite volcanoes which form when tephra and lava erupt from the same vent. One example of this is Pompeii and Japan?s Mount Fuji. When all of the magma is drained out of the chambers of the volcanoes, called magma chambers, sometimes the volcano can?t support itself and collapses, this leaves a crater called a caldera. So, I hope

that you have learned about some specific volcanoes as well as the properties that go along with them (even if they are bad). I also hope that you found out that volcanoes aren?t all that bad. World Book Encyclopedia, Book U-V, pg.462-pg.467 Internethttp://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov/LinvingWithVolcanoes/Facts/misc_volcanic_facts.htmlhttp://volcano.und.edu/vwdocs/vw_hyperexchange/deadly_volcs.htmlhttp://volcano.und.edu/vwdocs/eruption_scale.htmlhttp://infoplease.lycos.com/ipa/A0001746.html