Volcano Eruption

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Group 2 Winnipeg Canada Sep 2005 Ermak Dmitri Task: The Descriptive Paragraph. The Volcano Eruption. From ancient times the eruption of volcanoes has paralyzed human minds with fear. The ancient tribes used to worship the powerful force of the volcano and they sacrificed their fellow tribesmen in hope for mercy and to calm the raging element. In the old days people believed that sounds made by volcanoes belonged to the devil and the lava was considered to be the river of death, absorbing everything on her way. The heat incinerates herds of animals, it burns tens of thousands of plants and it destroys settlements across tens of kilometers. The might of the volcano spits the stones into the distressed environment. The stones take their place in the history of the natural

phenomena as they fossilize into great layers of magma and leave the signature of the volcano for millions of years. The dark cloud of volcano ashes spreads for hundreds of kilometers and sends everything that is alive into a panic and forces people and animals to escape in order to survive. For days, and for many kilometers around, the sky is lit with an eerie orange glow. People that are situated even far away from the active volcano can read a newspaper at night without a lamp. Volcanic eruption is one of the most powerful and mesmerizing natural phenomena that will amaze human generations forever. Mark: 98