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Voice Recognition Systems Essay, Research Paper “WHAT ARE VOICE RECOGNITION SYSTEMS AND HOW ARE THEY USED?” Section # October 14, 1999 Voice Recogniton Systems About twenty years ago voice recognition systems were only see on the science fiction channel of the television and the viewer could only dream of the day when that technology would be possible. I know that when I was younger I would watch Star Trek and see Captain Kirk address the computer by talking to it, and not only did the computer understand his instructions, but it would flawlessly prefom the commands that were spoken. From the little that I knew before setting out on this project, I thought voice recognition systems were still primative, but I found that I was wrong. I have set out to discover the

rapidly-changing world of voice recognition systems, and to ask the question, “What is vioce recognition systems and how is it currently used?”. For many years people have wanted another avenue besides the keyboard to preform data processing. One of the first of these items is the barcode reader which is stronghly in use today. This product revelutionized the data processing industry but has a great number of limitaitons. The wave of the future in data processing is what is known as Voice recognition encoding. Voice recognition encoding has benn around for several years but not until recentallly has it become a viable solution. The main problem with voice recognition systems is that the technology was not available at a reasonable price until recently. A company located in

Boston MA nade Dragon systems has created a product caleed NaturallySpeaking which has captured the market and offers a cost effective voice recognition swystem. This product is currently on the market and offers the ability to replace the cumbersome task of keyboarding with direct imputting through human voice. Dragon Systems The unprecented leader in voice recognition technology is a company called Dragon Systems. Dragon Systems continues to pursue the natural speech revolution through its reasearch and development efforts. Through the work of this company, voice speech technology has become not only a reality, but a standard part of the computing industry. Dragon Systems was co-founded by Dr. James Baker and Dr. Janet Baker in 1982 and is one of the largest speech recognition

organizations in the world. With their team of experts, Dragon Systems builds systems for every aspect of life, from governmental use to student use. The company employees approximately 250 people all across the world. The company is well known for their history, with several patent and technological breakthroughs. NaturallySpeaking A breakthrough product that is practical and unique in many ways is NaturallySpeaking. As the name suggests, this program allows the user to speak in a normal and natural pace. This techinique is called “true continuous speech”. In the past, programs required a form of “descrete speech”, which ment users had to pause for a predetermined about of time between each word. NaturallySpeaking allows users to speak over 100 words a minute. This

program records your voice in order to learn and recognize the user’s speaking pattern. Many voice recognition systems require long amounts of time dedicated to reading word lists in order t record your voice. NaturallySpeaking includes a form of entertainment in it’s voice programming. The user can choose to read Dave Barry’s book Dave Barry in Cyberspace, or the futuristic novel 3001: The Final Odyssey by Arthur C. Clark. Another attractive feature of NaturallySpeaking is it’s accuracy rate. With regular use and minimal training, users can receive 95% or even higer accuracy rate. No other company around the world has been able to match this. Other programs confuse the user by assigning each letter of the alphabet a special name. Users would have to memorize these names