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Voice From The Wall Essay, Research Paper Title: The Voice From the Wall By: Amy Tan - the voice that the narrator hears is all in her imagination, she hears the voice of her neighbors killing each other - Amy Ruth Tan, a Chinese American novelist was born in Oakland, California, in 1952. Both her parents immigrated to the United States from China - Amy Tan focused her writings on the lives of the Chinese American women. Tan s novel and short stories introduce characters who are as she once was and about their Chinese background - Throughout her childhood, Tan s mother told her stories about their Chinese heritage. Tan, uses this technique in this story to enhance the importance of storytelling When I was little, my mother told me my great-grandfather had sentenced a beggar

to die in the worst possible way - Tan s writing is most of her life down on paper. The setting in the short story is held in Oakland and later the family upgrades to San Francisco were said by Lena ( main character ) They might be able to leave all their old fears behind. - Even in Tan s life, she was born in Oakland and later forced to Europe with her mother felt to be. The evil of their deceased house in Oakland, California. - Tan follows the same idea in the short story. Even as a young girl, I could sense the unspoken terrors that surrounded our House, the ones that stressed my mother until she hid in a secret dark corner of her mind . - Another example of how Tan uses her life in this short story is by expressing her Chinese background in both the mother and the daughter in

the story. Tan writes about how the mother immigrated from China, and where the daughter received her Chinese parts. - I saw these things with my Chinese eyes, the part of me I got from my mother. Point of view - This short story is a memoir of a girl observing her family life seeing only the bad not the hope - This can be seen by the way the narrator, Lena describes certain situations in which she has to understand her mother s life. Example As I remember it, the dark side of my mother sprang from the basement in our old house in Oakland. (Pg.307) - Lena tries to understand why her mother seems to show no emotion, but she cannot understand - It is only until her family moves into a small apartment that she can finally hope for the best for her mother as she observes the life of

another family in the next apartment. Sometimes I heard this loud family across the hallway that separated our two apartment doors. (Pg. 314) - While trying to comprehend her mother by watching and waiting, we can slowly see the point of the story is not Lena herself, but her mother. And in my memory I can still feel the hope that beat in me that night, I clung to this hope, day after day, night after night, year after year. (Pg.318) Character Analysis Lena St.Clair (narrator/main character) - born in Oakland - moved to San Francisco - half Chinese half Irish/English Most people did not know I was Chinese maybe because my last name was St. Clair . When people first saw me, they thought I looked like my father, English-Irish, big boned and delicate at the same time. But if they

looked really close, if they knew they were there, they could see the Chinese parts. Instead of having cheeks like my father s sharp edged points, mine were smooth as beach pebbles. I did not have his yellow hair or white skin, yet my coloring looked too pale, like something that was once darker but faded into the sun. (Pg.307-308) - observant of her surroundings - vivid imagination Betty St. Clair - mother of Lena St. Clair - Chinese immigrant to America - has lost two babies due to birth defects - tells her daughter frightening stories - psychologically disturbed, condition worsens as time goes on - is married to an over bearing husband My father proudly named her Betty St. Clair , crossing out her given name of Gu Ying-ying. And then he put down the wrong birth year. 1916