Влияние туризма на экономику и социально-культурную сферу — страница 5

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tourist destination we should always bare in mind this co-interaction. In any case local communities should be empowered to say”no” to undesirable tourism. In order to decrease negative effects on local societies we can check the following moments when arranging tourism activity in a region or taking part in it: (Fennell,1999(from lecture notes)) Are local people involved in tourism industry as employees? Does the organisation cooperate with the local businesses? Is it respectful attitude to the local culture? Is there respect to the nature and how is it protected? How much economic benefit the local population get from tourism? Are tour operators concerned about ecological hotels, transport, restaurants? We can see it is a great challenge to make profitable business running

tourism in an area without affecting negatively the local communities. It is possible for tourism industry to co-operate with other industries and bring benefits to both the tourism organisations and local businesses. The first step to achieve it is to understand needs and desires of both the host community and the tourists. [1] Rorbu (Norwegian) – fisherman’s shack