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grasp. Vladimir?s transformation grows out of his love for Zinaida. He experiences the joy and anguish that love brings and because of it is a new person whose ?old nonsense seems to have left [his] eyes.? (pg.97). Love has opened Vladimir?s eyes to a new, less capricious and more exciting world. He has abandoned his old, youthful romanticism and embraced the wisdom that comes with his first love. He has in the short space of a month, gone from being a boy to being a man. Many years later he looks back on his experience and says, ?And now when the shades of evening are beginning to close in upon my life what have I left that is fresher, dearer to me than the memories of that brief storm that came and went so swiftly one morning in the spring?? He has then ultimately reconciled

himself with the pain of this past and has come to regard the story of his first love as one regards some very happy moment in one?s life; with thankfulness and joy that it happened, and sorrow that it has passed.