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seizures and high blood pressure (Jayasuriya 13). If St. John?s Wort is used for an extended period of time it can cause sensitivity to light especially fair skinned people (Jayasuriya 18). Prozac is a prescribed drug authorized by a doctor. Doctors are very intelligent people and would not offer something to a patient if they thought it was going to hurt them. A doctor will examine a patient very carefully before they even consider offering this prescription. Prozac is used more frequently than any other drug for depression because of its amazing ability and high success rate to help heal a sick person (Rose 1242). Since this drug is regulated it also goes through a long a critical process by the Food and Drug Administration (Rose 1246). The Food and Drug Administration would

not approve Prozac if there were any uncontrollable dangers associated with it. Both of these methods of treating mental illness can cause danger to the human body. However, Prozac is a regulated, doctor prescribed drug. The side effects of Prozac are known and monitored by a trained professional, unlike St. John?s Wort. The old saying ?better safe than sorry? applies to this debate. When consumers stop to acquire St. John?s Wort in hope s of its potential to heal them, one should question it. Not only for safety measures but also someone may be swindled from their money. As consumers nothing infuriates us more than that feeling of being taken advantage of. Doctor?s concerns are in the best interest of their patients, how does one know what is really in St. John?s Wort.