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159). Though there?s not much to report on the development of visual perception in children and adolsents, adulthood is where is raches it?s peak and steady begins to decline. Adults reach their peak of visual perception in their twenty?s then it steadly begins to decline with middle age to old age. The pupil of an old person is smaller than those of a young adult. The change happens gradual and cannot be noticed until they reach their forties. Along with the pupil getting smaller the eyes color starts to fade and the white begins turning yellow. Older adults have difficulty with glare from bright light and also cannot make out things clearly in the dark. Adluts even those with good eyesight have problems precieving moving obects they also have a smaller visual field as they grow

in age. Older adults are more adapt to diffent kinds of eye dieases that causes difficulties in visual perception such as blindness (Singleman 161). I have many experciances to viewing different age groups and can sence the different stages in devolopement of visual perception. Last fall I would babysit daily a five month old who I have been close to since his birth. Through the different stages of infantcy I was able to notice that as he got older he was able to see clearier and his depth percetion would increase. By the time I would watch him he could follow objects that were moving and after while his grabs and misses would become more accurate. He was attracted to toys that have bright colors of diffents shades and patterent. He love toys that would move such as a ball or

anything that spined when he touched he. He would play and stare at it longer than any of his other toys that remained stationary. Teaching Sunday school for different age group preschool to sixth grade pictures and patterns in the books and what they drew were more complex and detail in the older grade than those of my preschoolers. Noticing my parents who are in their late forties early fifties I can see their decline of eyesight. They make trips up to Walmart to purchase reading glasses. My dad who always seemed to have good eyesight is beginning to skint his eyes to ready the paper.