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he was greatly talented his work did at times become repetitive. He could not edit himself and in a time of such consumerism no one else would do it for him. It would only mean less money for them. His place in art history is constantly under great debate. The argument of whether or not his work was primitive genius or simply fluke will continue. But he is seen as an art hero by many of the young and that is where the future of art lies. Bibliography Timmes. R, Bradley. A Young British Art, Booth Clibborn, 1999 Kent. S, Shark Infested Waters, Philip Wilson, 1994 Kelley. R.D.G, Harper. P.B, Representing What?, freize,issue 31. Pg41, 1996 Massey. D.S, American Apartied, Harvard Press, 1993 Morgan. S, The Elephant Man, freize,issue15. Pg 40, 1994 Doy. G, Black Visual Culture, I B

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