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different from cave man paintings. These were made on the walls of the caves using blood or ash. These works were of events that were relevant to their times. The Romans painted frescos on whole walls as a source of decoration. Monks in Italy left writings on walls for other monks. Calligraphy and the over usage of serifs in the script hid these secret messages. This meant that the general population if they could read at all would not understand these messages. These monks had created a beautiful, yet difficult to understand, style of writing. Words becoming art, This may sound familiar. Wildstyle is extremely similar, in that it is rare for a non-writer, or at least somebody who is not into the scene, to be able to read a well put together piece done in wildstyle. ?The highly

evolved and complex wildstyle, energetic interlocking construction of letters and arrows and other forms that signify movement and direction? . Not all writers enjoy wildstyle writing, as it can be very hard to read. Strangely enough that is the reason it is loved by others. It is like a code that only they understand, like being part of secret club. Older artists would often take a new writer or ?toy? under their wing. The new apprentice would get to do jobs like filling in blocks of colour, or even just stand as a look out. In return they would be taught new skills and different styles of lettering. They would also get to tag below the piece, which would give them credit with fellow young writers. Some say you can not just learn wildstyle in the same way a musician must learn

to read music before they can use there own improvisation. ?According to Dez, there is no easy way to learn the complicated wildstyle and no substitute for time, ?when you first start up and a writer gives you a style, it ain?t easy to do it, so it be better to start from throw ups to straight letter to semi-wildstyle to wildstyle, then you can do anything you want after that. Rather than try to make you first piece a burner and it looks wak, just work your way up the trains ain?t goin nowhere?? . Sometimes small wars break out between writers when two or more artists will strive to be the best on a particular train line. Whoever gets his or her name up on the trains the most will win the territory. A writer who is up that much is known as a king of that train line. It is better

and more respected by other artists to get your name up on train carriages all over the line and still maintain good quality and style. A true king though, must write all over a line. However good they may be in artistic skill if he only does a couple of great pieces they will be forgotten quickly if they are few in numbers. ?A king is a writer that everyone wants to write with or fight with? . The writers don?t use their real names. They make up names that are sometimes jokes or are insults to their enemies or the law. They can also have a name handed down to them from a writer who may want to retire, and has taught them their style. That way they get a good name and the old writer gets his name to continue to ride the train lines. To get more pieces of graffiti up writers would

often unite and form crews of artists; crazy inside artists(CIA) the public artists(TPA) and the magnificent team(TMT). Although most of the members of such crews were closely linked together, many would belong to two or even more. This is why there are sometimes many initials on one piece of work. New younger writers would often write the initials of a crew that were highly respected amongst other writers on their own piece. If that crew found out that it had happened they would spray out their initials. Sometimes they would go over the whole piece, something that shows great disrespect. After graffiti had been around for a while the fine art world started to take interest in certain artists. These critics and artists could see the value of graffiti. Its expression had been

noted, along with the fact that it was starting to grow out of its urban culture. It was time for graffiti to move into a gallery. Probably the most famous of writers to be accepted as a fine artist was Jean Michel Basquiat. He grew up in New York and got into street and subway graffiti at an early age. After high school he had no official art training, but he had a great interest in comic book, Egyptian and children?s art. By nineteen seventy-nine he had started to associate with fine artists and musicians, he also started to make paintings on canvasses. In nineteen eighty he was commissioned for a Times Square show. He painted a large wall in mixed media including spray cans. His work continued and he was loved by most of the art world. Some people said that he was primitive