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Visitor Management Essay, Research Paper With Reference to a large range of scales and a variety of settings describe ands explain the ways in which the Visitor Experience might be enhanced by different techniques of Visitor Management In order to illustrate the concepts of enhancing visitor experience through different techniques a broad range of settings and scales need to be introduced. With the use of these settings visitor experience can be summarised on a broad scale, and with such scales techniques can be provided that help enhance this experience. In this essay I am going to use three specific examples to provide an outline of the key techniques, which attractions use to promote visitor experience. On a large scale I will outline Wellingtons Westpac Trust Stadium. On

a smaller scale I will outline an indoor and outdoor attraction at a local level. The indoor attraction is Zebos Bar and outdoor Miramar Golf Club. To illustrate these techniques I will break down the Application of Principles of Strategic Management to Visitor Attractions models and provide information concerning areas and techniques which these attractions use to enhance visitor experience. Indirect controls are the nucleus of visitor management. These controls can be broken down into three subtopics. Legislative, Planning and Tenure. Legislative, controls entry and restrictions of the visitor. With reference to techniques used by visitor management, legislature holds a key step to success. It is used to decrease negative elements and ensure visitors have an enjoyable and

memorable experience. Smoke-free legislation has been a key technique used. This ultimately enhances the visitor experience for those who do not smoke. Westpac Trust Stadium uses this technique with all smoking banned inside the ground. Areas have been allotted outside, creating the best of both worlds for the visitor. A technique also employed by Miramar golf course, with smoke-free and smoking areas. Legislature is also used for alcohol. Visitors cannot bring alcohol into the Stadium, and can only be brought by visitors older than 18. Age restrictions concerning alcohol are also incorporated by Zebos and Miramar golf course, to ensure under age drinkers do not effect the visitor experience of others. Legislation also controls visitor flows, with restrictions on crowd capacity.

Psychologically, these limits provide peace of mind for the visitor in situations that can be life threatening i.e fires. Once capacities are achieved more visitors cannot enter. Planning is the next aspect to indirect controls. The major aspect of planning is the location of the attraction, and ease of accessibility. The Westpac Trust Stadium provides a prime location, on the outskirts of the Wellington central business district, directly opposite the Wellington Railway Station. This decreases congestion on Wellington s roads and greater ease of travel flows, through public transport. With this location, visitor satisfaction has been enhanced, by decreasing the problems of travel constraints. Miramar Golf course also capitalises on planning. It is located in a key area of

Wellington, providing for visitors who are keen on the golfing experience. Miramar is easily accessible by all modes of transport. The layout is designed to interrelate, with all attractions of the course and club house. The first and eighteenth holes connect to the club house, enabling easy access to and from the course. With this layout visitor flows are channeled through the club house, a technique used to entice visitors to the restaurant and bar facilities. This ultimately adds to the visitor experience of travelling to Miramar golf course. Zebos on the other hand faces a far greater problem in the planning area, due to its location, on the outskirts of Courtney Place. It suffers the consequences of low demand. This has been addressed though, through financial techniques