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badges to signify knowing what’s cool and what’s in are the key for the Here and Nows and the better-off Strivers. Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Nike, D&G, Versace and Gucci are all considered signifiers of cool, as are Viva and Honda Dream motorcycles. Local MTV is a hit, along with videos of recent US films. Hong Kong and Korean films are also in. In contrast, the traditional group, the largest element of the youngsters, is far more conservative in their association with contemporary youth culture. Education, qualifications and getting on are key drivers – hence their dedication to study and self-improvement. Nightclubs, bars, fashion and brands are of less importance. They demonstrate a greater strategic awareness of the importance of qualifications in the face of a

changing workplace. Therefore, this group carries wise heads on young shoulders although that is not to say it is all work and no play. Their social lives tend to center on more predictable and “safer” activities. Friends and general socializing are key factors. In parallel with other youth cultures, the emergence of a desire “to be myself and to be accepted as such” is a common concern. While this concern is embryonic, it highlights the development of youth culture in my country, and it also reinforces the importance of youth as a distinct consumer segment with its own desires and aspirations. Gone are the days of a passive youth market – young people are now collectively and metaphorically raising their profile. They are a distinct segment of the population and

deserve to be treated as such. However, it is tempered with an acknowledgement that certain social and cultural boundaries dictate conformity. There is general awareness of the social evils (drugs, casual sex, prostitution, corruption, unemployment and hedonism) that accompany economic liberalization.