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my backyard is. While in the positive angle of vision I wanted to focus more on what the fence was holding inside of it and how lively it was. Part C: Reflection Writing this angle of vision essay was a task that I thought would be easy. However, I found out quite quickly that it wasn t going to be as easy as I thought. After many draft revisions, and workshops, I finally came out with an essay that I thought would be the right kind of caliber to get a passing grade. Writing this essay made me wallow in complexity about the scene I observed. While writing this angle of vision essay I found out that the writing techniques I learned could change the way my writing affects the readers. Also, leaving out some details helped me focus more on the positive and negative impressions that

I wanted my readers to feel, and think about my writing. It was very rewarding finding show words rather than tell words. Writing with show words lets my readers see, smell, taste, hear, and feel the same scene that I saw. Also using show words made my paper more interesting. I found out that changing sentence structure let me create different impressions in my writing. I also learned that I as a reader have to step back and think to myself, what does this writer want me to feel and see? Learning these techniques lets me persuade others into understanding my ideas on a subject more clearly. Also it makes my writing and speech more fluent, and personal, making it more interesting for my audience. The hardest part for me was describing what was going on outside my fence, as well as

what was going on inside it at the same time. This writing assignment helped me understand just what problems and challenges a writer goes though. Doing this writing assignment gave me a sense of achieving an overall goal in my writing.