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Vision Of Angle Essay, Research Paper Brandon Weber I open the door, entering the confined compound of my blood colored brick duplex on Millwood Drive. Behind the rough splintered, faded red fence, with a crooked elliptical top gate, is a parking lot. The lot is jaded, with bottomless potholes, filled with cracked brittle concrete. People tread through the poorly maintained lot, their bodies exhausted, from another stressful workday. I could hear them slamming their car doors, as if that was their relief for having a bad day. Orange rust eats at the white peeling paint on the tainted depreciated car, which struggles to start. After a few tries, the unsympathetic, unreliable engine comes alive. Its sagging tail pipe erupts a smoggy, black, polluting smoke. The tail pipe is

moderately held up by a quick fix bent metal coat hanger. Sounds of rackety exhaust, and rasping brake pads come from the congested river of traffic, which flows through the busy intersection a block away. An immense rolling bank of clouds assembles a title wave, engulfing the harsh dark blue gray sky above. As I set inside the fence, a roaring cold wind waters my eyes; it elevates dead piles of leaves that clutter the dry brownish yellow grass backyard. I see the leaves form a corkscrew tornado shape. The tornado uplifts hoary, weather faded, yellow filtered cigarette butts, as it goes along its way. The repulsive smell of garbage offended my nostrils coming from an overfilled, hideous green leaking trashcan parked in the yard. Frail plastic blue cups, along with jagged,

crushed, razor sharp, fermented beer cans, lay among the rubble of the destructive party that degraded my backyard. I look back one last time before heading in thinking of the aftermath behind me. Part A: Positive Description I open the door, entering the lively compound of my red rose-colored brick duplex on Millwood Drive. Behind the red fence, with an elliptical topped gate, bordering the yard, I see smiling grateful people enter a spacious, well-established parking lot. I see a sense of fulfillment on their faces, from another challenging workday. The people hurry eagerly to get to the serenity, and pleasant warmth of their homes, they swiftly close their car doors, heading on their way. As I set inside the fence I see a frisky, golden brown, fluffy tailed squirrel gracefully

moving around the backyard. It makes a tightrope circus act come alive as it aspires in climbing a telephone pole. It traipses on the swaying lines with impressive balance. Sometimes it pauses for a moment, and chatters as if saying, look what I can do. The sky assembles ocean waves of rolling clouds, bringing the smell of a needed rain. The wind elevates yellowish; golden brown leaves that blanket the ground, sending them flying in a round about way. The descending leaves, look like golden shaped soft snowflakes as they fall in the yard. Birds land in the rich evergreen that block the winds, taking a rest. I could hear them chirping heavenly chords of praise, before continuing on their way. The rustic smell of wood comes from the neatly stacked triangle shaped pile of firewood,

which sets in a corner of the yard. On the smooth concrete patio, sets a well-covered and protected barbecue grill. My mouth starts to water, thinking about all the rich, juicy, seasoned tasting foods that had been graciously prepared on it. I look back one last time before heading in, thinking how lucky I am for having such a yard. Part B: Rhetorical Analysis In my negative and positive descriptions, I used five writing strategies in order to strengthen the negative and positive impression each angle of vision had upon my readers. The techniques I used were overt direct statements of meaning, selection and omission of details, similes and metaphor s of figurative language, using words with different emotional connotations, and varying sentence structure. In order to create a