Visible Changes Inc Business Background Essay

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Visible Changes, Inc. : Business Background Essay, Research Paper VISIBLE CHANGES HISTORY In October 1977, John and Maryanne McCormack opened the first Visible Changes salon in Greenspoint Mall in Houston, Texas. Their dream was to start a revolution in the hairdressing industry by building a company that provided high-quality service from well-trained stylists, allowing all staff members to become successful. Maryanne developed a haircutting system that ensured quality haircuts while John worked on the business plan that would make Visible Changes a success. John and Maryanne believed strongly in their dream. However, the banks and mall-owners did not. Hairdressing was not considered a legitimate profession since stylists quit frequently and salons were low-volume. Only one

banker out of the 300 had the faith that John would meet his ambitious sales projections and consequently gave him the loan to start the business. Maryanne fared no better in finding qualified stylists, sifting through over 300 applicants before hiring the first six Visible Changes hairdressers. Their persistence is typical of the spirit at Visible Changes. To perfect the haircutting system, Visible Changes’ new stylists did free haircuts for the first six weeks to make sure clients received great haircuts. The original haircutting staff worked 12-hour days and received minimum wage. They sacrificed because they believed in John and Maryanne and knew that Visible Changes would help them share the success and the rewards. The first salon was a huge success, and today Visible

Changes has salons located in all the major malls in Houston. We also have salons in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. In 1980, the company invested in a computerized register, and in 1981, Visible Changes became one of the first companies to fully computerize all areas of the business. We believe that it is not only important to be progressive in our haircutting and styling, but also in our business practices. Visible Changes was recognized in 1982 by Intercoiffure, an organization that extends its memberships to only the finest hair designers in the world. In 1991, the full Intercoiffure membership elected Maryanne McCormack to the Board of Directors. Today, each Visible Changes salon averages over $2,000,000 in annual sales. Our 16 locations employ over 700 staff members. Our

Artistic Team has had their work featured in Passion and Styles and Stylists magazines. Our salons attract over a hundred thousand clients each month. We update our salons’ equipment and appearance frequently to be an industry leader. Our stylists attend continuing education in all areas of hairstyling and fashion in order to give our clients the latest looks. We also offer many benefits not usually found in our industry such as Profit Sharing, Medical Insurance, and Bonuses. Visible Changes owes our success to the dedication of our clients and our staff members. We commit to provide the best stylists in Texas, so Texans can have the best styles. CAREERS If you are hard-working, goal-oriented, and really like people, then a great career could be waiting for you at Visible

Changes. What makes us different from other salons? It’s simple. We offer big company benefits, with a small company attitude. Our salons are like families. And we have one goal in common – to be the best! If you’re interested in changing your life, check out Visible and management. Call 713-984-8800 for the location nearest you. Or, send us your resume under the CONTACT US section of this site. Thanks for visiting, and we hope to hear from you soon! Stylist Training We offer the best training in the industry. From Basic to Advanced, our Training Staff is there to help you find success. There’s no need to go out and get your own training; we bring it to you. Our Artistic Team, in collaboration with top stylists from around the world, provides you with the techniques and