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that,^ then ^I would.^ We imagine and wish for a moment that we were something else or lived another life. In time, as virtual reality improves, maybe we will get the chance to do just that by strapping on a set of goggles and a sensory suit. Using this technology we could be able to choose a desired identity and act it out as our imagination wants us to. But what if that virtual world is better than the real world? John Suler, with a PhD in psychology, at Department of Psychology at Ryder University states in the website ^ Computer and Cyberspace Addiction^ that ^People become “addicted” to the Internet, or act out pathologically in cyberspace, when they have dissociated it from their f2f life. Their cyberspace activity becomes a world unto itself. They don’t talk about it

with the people in their f2f life. It becomes a walled-off substitute or escape from their life.^ It seems like the virtual reality technology is inevitable. ^People initially use technology to do what they do now-but faster. Then they gradually begin to use technology to do new things. The new things change life-styles and work ^styles. The new life-styles and work-styles change society^.and eventually technology.^(Fubini^s law) Before we know it, virtual reality might be as usual in contemporary life, as television has been for decades. We will be presented with a new way to escape from reality, which seems to be ten times as powerful as previous developments. We will open doors to fascinating mazes, that some of us may never come out of. Worlds that we don^t even want to come

out of because it appears better than the chaos we daily are surrounded with, the real world. It might even be another addiction. Or as Jerry Garcia put it ^they made LSD illegal. I wonder what they^re going to do with this stuff.^ Reference: Websites: ^?Virtual Reality- The Past, Present and the Future^? ^?Potential Future Applications of Virtual Reality in Architecture and Related Issues^? Zupko, Sarah (1999) ^?Cultural Studies Center^? Articles/Papers Chislenko, Alexander (1997) ^?Intelligent Information Filters and Enhanced Reality^? ^?Jones Telecommunications

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