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undercover spy to save the planet is also very appealing to people and keeps them playing the game (?The Fantasy World? 3). People immerse themselves in their fantasies through a virtual world and eventually become addicted. Video games are incorporated into the daily routines of sixty-five percent of all American households. Eighty-five percent of gamers are male because most computer games deal with action and adventure that males crave (?Documentary Examines Impact of Video Games? 4). Therefore, by generating people?s fantasies through a virtual world, people become addicted to playing video games. Computer games cause people to be addicted because they permit gamers to escape reality, provide conquerable challenges, create a world where mistakes can be undone, and allow

people to experience fantasies they cannot experience in real life. Video games are addictive in that they cause users to get away from reality and forget about things such as homework. People are addicted to electronic games because they also provide challenges that can be overcome and give users a sense of accomplishment. Mistakes can be undone and corrected in a virtual world. This allows people to explore a game world over and over and keeps them playing. By creating fantasies people cannot experience in real life, computer games cause people to become addicted to playing them. Many gamers crave the idea of living an exciting life and being something they are not. Hence, computer games generate an atmosphere that causes addiction in people who play them. There are particular

things that create addiction.