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Virginia Essay, Research Paper In the world today there are many things that are alike and that are different. These things have comparisons and contrasts. There are also comparisons and contrasts in old literature. There are many things alike and many things that are different about General History of Virginia and of Plymouth Plantation. There are many things that are alike about the two stories. One is that both men helped start a colony in Virginia. His party named it Jamestown. William Bradford started a colony in Massachusetts. They left from England headed for Virginia but missed it. Both men wrote Journal accounts about their experiences starting each colony. John Smith writes an account titled General History of Virginia. This tells of the trip to Jamestown and the

hardships experienced while starting it. William Bradford also writes about his colony. His account is entitled of Plymouth Plantation. He explains about the trials of building up a colony and his relations with the natives. There are also some contrasts between William Bradford and John Smith. One contrast has to do with the natives. John Smith dealt with hostile Indians who killed many of his men and even captured and tried to kill him. A quote from General History of Virginia shows this fact. “Notwithstanding within an hour after they tied him to a tree, and as many as could stand about him prepared to shoot him ” However William Bradford had a more positive experience with the Indians. His colony dealt with one Indian in particular who taught them how to plant corn and

raise other crops. This excerpt from of Plymouth Plantation shows this fact. “But Squanto continued with them and was their interpreter and was a special instrument sent of God ” Another aspect of which they were different was who each man thanked for getting them through hard times. William Bradford was very close to God and remembered to thank Him for what He provided. This passage shows this fact. “Being thus arrived in a good harbor and brought safe to land, they fell upon their knees and blessed God.” John Smith, on the other hand, praised himself for getting the colony through tough times. This excerpt shows this. “Himself always bearing the greatest task for his own share so that in short time he provided most of them lodgings, neglecting any for himself ” In

conclusion there are many things alike and many things that are different between General History of Virginia and of Plymouth Plantation.