Violin And Carrie Comparrison Essay Research Paper

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Violin And Carrie Comparrison Essay, Research Paper Good Copy: Carrie and Violin The two horror novels studied Carrie written by Stephen King, and Violin written by Anne Rice are similar in some ways but different in others. Carrie was written in 1974 while Violin was written in 1997. They have similar characters and the roles they play and similar plots and story lines. They have different forms as well as roles of narration. These two novels are both very good horror writings with many similarities as well as many differences. The two horror novels Carrie and Violin have similar characters and the roles they play. In the novel Carrie, Carrie White the main character is similar to the main character of Violin Triana in personality and roles that they play. Carries status in

the book is a lonely teenage girl who has no friends and is lonely while Triana is old but also does not have a lot of friends and lives alone and is very lonely. Carrie and Triana both get tormented during the course of the book. Carrie White, not a typical teenager is menaced by bullies at school and her religious nut of a mother at home. She is very lonely and the only thing that interests her are the telekinetic powers that she posseses. Using graffiti Christine Hargensen wrote, Carrie white eats [poop on the wall] (P.4, Carrie). Triana who is also very lonely is tormented by her family and friends including her sister Katrinka. After Katrinka finds out that Triana kept her husbands corpse inside the house for three days she says, [Triana] has gone insane! (P.34, Violin).

Stefan the Russian ghost also bullies Triana as Billy Loman bullies Carrie. Triana as well as Carrie feels Shame, blame, maim, pain, vain! (P.234, Violin). Katrinka picks on Triana all the time but Rosalind, Triana s second oldest sister is very supportive to her and stands up for her. Katrinka states that Triana could not live in her house alone anymore and is planning to get the house to herself but Rosalind says, Give it up Katrinka you won t get the house (Violin, p.48). Miss. Dejardin also plays that supportive role to Carrie, she is there for her when someone hurts her and also talks to her in a very friendly way. When Carrie menstrates and all the girls laugh at her Miss. Dejardin justifies everything by punishing the girls. Thus the characters in each book are similar,

the only difference is that in Violin all the characters get along at the end and in Carrie most of them die from the havoc caused by Carrie at the end of the book. Carrie and Violin have similar plots and story lines. Violin is the story of a ghost who learned to play the violin under the guidance of Beethoven and Pagnini. With his death from his human life, he took his violin into the world of the undead and it brought with it a magical ability. The story telling is too abstract, but the certainly autobiographical emotions could not be more visceral. The story begins with Triana who just lost her wealthy second husband to AIDS. Her behavior reveals the depth of her grief but it turns out she has a long romance with death. The novel has barely any movement when it concentrates

on the boring interior monologue about Triana s ghoulish desire to lie down in a mass grave with her dead loved ones. This cheapens the very emotions it seeks to express. Stefan chooses an easy target to drive Triana mad since she is very weak emotionally. The story gets on the way Stefan whisks Triana away to the spectacle of the 19th century Vienna, where he lived as a young aristocrat and virtuoso. From then till the end there is a welcome whirlwind of exotic locations and dramatic clashes of will between Triana and her ghost. Carrie on the other hand is a story of a girl who did not fit in and was bullied by her friends at school who were not really her friends at all and her crazy religious mother drove her insane at home. She holds and practices a power called telekinesis