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have happened in the real world. With reports of shootings in Arkansas, riots in Seattle, and hate crimes in Texas, the news is also a prime entertainment source. It is the funniest thing in the world when 13 people die from a lunatic with an automatic or when the SWAT team is called in to stop a riot or when a man is dragged 10 miles behind a pickup truck. Finally, movies provide the ultimate source for entertaining violence. Movies like Saving Private Ryan, Fight Club, and The Bone Collector offer the best source for violence. Saving Private Ryan was a nice, gory film about World War II. The movie offered graphic violence in many different varieties such as, close-ups of bullets puncturing skin and bright red blood oozing from people. Fight Club is an entertaining movie where

people fight other people for a job and their lives. This movie offered nice blood spills, hand-to-hand combat, and fast action. Finally, The Bone Collector wins the most violent award . In this movie a mass murderer is on the loose, and the only clues he leaves are the bones of his victims. Violence on TV, on the news, and in the movies is part of everyday life and, it should be encouraged and increased. Also included on TV is violence from drunkards. This is a very hysterical form of violence. It is very amusing to see a man, who has been drinking too much, beat his children or his wife senseless. Domestic violence is very entertaining and solves a lot of problems. First, it releases the built up emotions of drunkards. Second, it makes children and wives stronger because of the

exercise they get from getting beaten. Finally, it could dispose of an annoying or unwanted family member. Domestic violence the best answer to household problems. Violence is a part of everyday lives, but it should be encouraged more often. The legalization of loaded firearms, even more graphic TV shows and movies, and the removal of domestic violence laws would help American to be more aggressive offensively and defensively. Killing is natural. Why can t people just accept that? Violence should be more acceptable in tense, frightening, or uncomfortable situations. 349