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itself today and start a program to influence change for the better. If for nothing else, do it to make the futures of your children brighter and something for them to look forward to. Taking a stronger role in the lives of today?s children is something they will most likely thank you for in when they get older. The media is only a symptom of the greater disease affecting the United States. The disease is a deteriorating system of values. As any disease, the doctor caring for its patient treats the whole disease. For instance, the doctor would not only hand you tissues if you were suffering from the flu, he would prescribe you medicine, tell you to get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids, and advise you to miss work/school until you feel up to it. Media is a symptom that has to

treated and handled with care. Everyone?s views need to be respected and heard. Attacking this issue head on is the only way to make a difference. Unfortunately, our world will probably never be free of violence. That does not mean that there is no opportunity to try. Violence on television roots from violence in society. There is our aim. We need to work for a peaceful world. Parents need to censor what their children are watching. Do not blame television for society?s faults. Society?s faults lie within its citizens. The disease lies with everyone. 389