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kids off the street and away from gangs which is why you see so many athletic and boxing clubs beingrun out of the inner city. It is allowing the youth to take that hostility out on a willing participantwho is ready and consenting rather than against an innocent bystander. Some individuals have gone as far as saying that sport is creating a deviant subculture where these athletes are becoming the opposite of what was intended for them. “The emphasis in formalizedsport on victory may, in fact, promote deviant behavior and poor sportsmanship” (Snyder 101). I would have to totally disagree with the above quote because being an athlete myself, I can never recall a time when I could have related my deviant behavior to my sporting past. Sports does notpromote poor sportsmanship, it

creates a drive to succeed within yourself and to try to do the best atwhatever you do whether it be in sports, school or at a job. The violence that is occurring today is not occurring more than it was ten or twenty years agolike some people might suggest, it is only being shown and talked about more by the mass media. If thereis one group to blame for the increase in violence I feel that it would be the media, not the athletesthemselves. If you turn on the television to watch a sportscast, it will always glorify an act ofviolence like a “hit of the night” or repeats of some type of fight whether it be in hockey, boxing or a bench-clearingbrawl in baseball. I can recall on numerous occasions where the media has hyped up a hockey gameinvolving two “tough guys” and

creating a hysteria in sporting world wanting to see the outcome of thefight. Is this wrong for the media to beencouraging and glorifying the violence in sport? I don’tthink so because the fans want to see it and like it or not, it is here to stay. Look at sports like boxing for example, who relies on the media to increase the sports fansinterest in an upcoming match. When you can only fit approximately “17,000 people” into a Las Vegasboxing arena, the money is not made at the gate (Lunney 39). Millions and millions of dollars aregathered from pay-per- view television where again millions of spectators are waiting to see the outcomeof a match like the one two weeks ago involving Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno where Tyson made an easy “$30 million” Lunney 39). We as society

are attracted to this sort of sport violence and there is nothing wecan do about it to change it. Should we take steps to discourage the violence in sports is a question that is being asked todaydue to the glorification of certain events like University of Moncton-University of Prince Edward Islandhockey game where a referee was assaulted on the ice after disallowing then allowing the same goal. Thiskind of violence occurs very little in the sport of hockey considering the amount of games that areplayed throughout the year. Sure there are acts like these but they are not the norm. It would be hardto eliminate violence that is in sport because it has been there for so long and is a part of the game.Fans do not want to see it be removed because it is sometimes the only part of the

game that is interesting if the game is dull. Players know that a good, solid hit or a bit fight can sometimes putmomentum on their side giving themextra drive to pull ahead in the game. Violence in sport is nothaving a negative effect on society, it is only allowing fans to !enjoy themselves while they are watching a particular sport. Yes there are instances where players andfans do go overboard and get carried away causing fights and sometimes riots, but it is not very often.When it does happen, it is glorified so that people think sports are played by bozos and goons who canonly fight. The violence that is in sport is here to stay and should be left that way so that the realfans who know what is going on can enjoy the sport that they have took an interest in instead of media

types and others who do not have a clue in what they are talking about when saying that the violence insports should be eliminated. 32c