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Violence In Society Essay, Research Paper Running head: VIOLENCE IN THE MEDIA AND ITS EFFECTS ON SOCIETY Violence in the Media and its Effects on Society: Definitions, Effects on Society, Statistics, and Prevention ABSTRACT This paper discusses the effects of violence in the media and how it effects our society. First a definition of media and violence will be presented. Then an explanation about who violence can effect and what effects of violence are evident in our society today. Finally, various ways of prevention are explored and a discussion of whether these paths are just or appropriate in our present day society. Violence in the media has been proven to be an ongoing problem in our society. The more relaxed nature that the mass media has been moving toward has caused

great disturbances in the minds of the people in our society. In order to understand this problem, if there is one, we must first define what exactly the mass media and violence are. Next, we must see how it effects the people that watch it and examine the statistics to back this up. Then, we will see why our society is attracted to violence. Finally, we should look to see if the ways that we are addressing this problem are actually helping to resolve it. Definitions Mass Media Mass media is defined as ?those means of communication that reach and influence large numbers of peoples, especially newspapers, popular magazines, radio, and television? (McKechnie 1976). This means that not only is television at fault for infecting our society, but that everything from movies to comic

books are as well (Larsen 1968). Violence Violence is defined as ?to assault; to injure; also, to bring by violence; to force? (McKechnie 1976). This means any type of fighting, blood, gore, or killing would constitute as violence in the mass media. Who it effects This issue undeniably affects virtually everyone, considering that almost everyone takes part in viewing some aspect of the media everyday. The average American spends eleven years in front of the television set during a seventy-two year lifespan (Jeffries 1998). Although this does effect everyone, we should focus on children because it seems that they are the most impressionable viewers. It seems that ?younger and younger children are committing more and more serious crimes?, and that these children are exposed to more

and more violence in the media (Larsen 1968). Whether it is an eight-year-old child watching Power Rangers or a fourteen-year-old watching a R rated movie, it seems that our major problem lies in the younger generation (DeGaetano 1998). Good Effects Many people think that violence in the media has had only bad effects on our society. However, there are many people who think that violence being shown and discussed has helped society (Barbour 1994). It is obvious that the violence on television is brutal, but the brutality makes for an unsheltered existence. It helps to show that what is going on in the world, may be in your front yard. It helps people understand what effects may come out of certain situations in our every day life (Barbour 1994). The media is here to inform us,

whether good or bad. We have the right to know what goes on in the world and the media brings us this information. Movies and television shows occupy our free time with entertainment, and the daily news keeps us informed with current events (Barbour 1994). Bad Effects Through the ages, the media has seemed to loosen its morals and in turn showed more and more violence (Dudley 1999). There are many areas in which this has caused problems. Now I will discuss those problems and their effects on society. The one major problem that has been brought forward by the many studies done on the effects of violence on society, is the ?monkey see, monkey do? factor. This means that if a person, a child in particular, sees something on television, they will imitate it (Keller 1997). Whether