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might reduce the violence rates. The Tribune News Service show that nonviolent programming such as ?Touched by An Angel,? and other varieties infrequently attract a sizable audience (?TV Violence Sickening Souls? 501K). Every year the envelope of unacceptable behavior is pushed to new extremes to generate high ratings. Ratings are the only liable explanation why violent shows are more frequently on the air. ?Younger children have a difficulty distinguishing televised fantasy from reality,? explained Barbara Wilson, in the Tribune News Service (?Violence is Seductive? 416K). Since there is a great amount of difficulty to identify fantasy from reality, there is an increased risk of children trying to impersonate cartoon characters. Due to the violence, which is portrayed, as the

easiest and quickest way to resolve a problem so rarely is there a nonviolent act considered as a person?s first option. One source demonstrates that the television industry have age-based rating scales based on the content of the following program, which is televised for a 15 second period as the program beings to air (?Violence Seductive to Children? 416K). The tactics that television industries are currently using has proven to be ineffective despite the effort to prevent young children from viewing inappropriate material. On account for protecting the children, the 15 seconds that the age-based scales are on the air may not be enough time for parents to notice what type of show their child is viewing; hence the ratings should be at the corner of the screen the entire program.

America?s television programmers are failing in their attempts to monitor on-screen violence, and young kids are being harmed in the process. Furthermore, if we give access to young adolescents who may not be able to clarify reality from fantasy, then in the future we will all be living in a world of fear; would desire to live in society like that 345