Violence In Entertainment Today Essay Research Paper

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Violence In Entertainment Today Essay, Research Paper From 1979 to 1989, the firearm homicide rate for persons 15-19 increased sixty-one percent. Male youth in the U.S. are more than five times as likely to be victims of homicide as to youths in many other developed countries. The violence in many entertainment programs has increased to over seventeen percent. The violence in entertainment today is affecting society as evidenced by the content of the material, the increase rate of violence, and the reluctance to deny access. Many people acknowledge that entertainment can effect people in an aggressive way but others may feel it is for pure enjoyment. In ?The Violent Mind?, Hyde and Forsyth explain that a society grown on television that consists of endless violence, it is

unbearable without becoming violent ourselves (147). Children who spend a countless number of hours watching people enforcing physical harm to one another, its practical that they grow up to do likewise. Our society has become more violent since the rise of entertainment therefore, it must be the entertainment that makes us violent. Time magazine says, lessons in school can be undermined by today?s popular culture; messages that blare from stereos, televisions and movie screens amount to a second education for the young (?Our Violent Kids? 55). The entertainment media has played a powerful role in the formation of values. Today?s adolescents unlike earlier generations are receiving an enormous amount of glorified violence that they tend to mimic. To prove that entertainment was a

tremendous factor of violence the Tribune News Service gives us an overview of what we had to witness about the Littleton, Colorado massacre (?Popular Music?s Influence on Teens? 411K). The two boy killers were considered social outcasts, and were preoccupied with the violence presented in the media, music, and video games. They were also fans of the shock-rocker Marilyn Manson; among his obscene songs, which contained violent messages, including shooting kids who harass you. The impact of violence that entertainment has influenced our youth and has drastically increased the violence among other children. As can be seen, the rate of violence has increased extravagantly over the years. According to ?Violence in America,? Bode, and Mock at the Children?s Hospital near Hollywood, 31

children at the age of 14 or younger were treated for gunshot wounds in 1991 (23). As you can see, the rate of kids shooting kids continues to increase year after year. It appears that the gun control has diminished to the point of near nonexistence because children of all ages are capable of getting their hands on guns. A study from the Tribune News Service shows that 61% of all TV programs contain violence (?Violence Accusations? 510K). By that time probably over 500 high risks of violence has been show to children under the age of five. In terms of all violence, aggressive behavior and dangerous consequences have encouraged kids to play with fire or other hazardous objects. ?By the age of 16, a typical child has witnessed an estimated 200,000 acts of violence, including 33,000

murders,? says Time magazine (?Rise in Brutal Crimes 53). To understand that rate of violent content in entertainment today will increase more, and enhance corruption in later generations, we might be able to stop some of the future consequences if we take action. It is inescapable that children will imitate the brutality in real life. Subsequently, if a teenager witnesses a immense amount of violence it is inevitable that the younger generations will witness twice as much if the industries do not put more restrictions on inappropriate material. Obviously, if parents and others for example, entertainment industries, and record stores, keep monitor of inappropriate material and would take more consideration to deny underage children access to any type of material they want it