Violence Essay Research Paper There are many

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Violence Essay, Research Paper There are many contributing factors that lead up to the senseless act of violence, which might have been prevented if Kip’s parents had recognized how disturbed their son was. Should parents be more involved with their children’s everyday lives in order to maintain healthy relationships? The very first time when parents bring home a new born a bonding starts. A child is nurtured and raised with love and praise, but in some cases children do not live up to parents’ expectations. This seemed to be the case with Kipland Kinkel, Kip didn’t live up the standards his parents had set for him. They expected him to be like his sister, but having a learning disability made it nearly impossible to be everything his parents wanted him to be.(The

Killer, video) His parents sought a variety of solutions. One of the many solutions was that his parents kept Kip back in first grade. Kip then stumbled through the third grade where he would study for spelling test, but not pass them. So his parents made him study harder at home. Kip showed no sign of improvement , but he was compelled not to be a disappointment to his parents. The parents tried to show him they didn’t compare him to his sister. It was hard for them to do that because, even in the home videos, his sister would do something thing and then Kip would try and not succeed. (The Killer, video) Kip’s parents didn’t take the right action to Kip’s interest in violent weapons. When Kip was young, his parents wouldn’t let him play with violent toys or things on

that order. This may have led to Kip’s obsession with guns, knives and bombs. He didn’t get the need for this items out of his system when he was young . Kip started asking his father for a rifle around the age of twelve, and his father was a little weary about the idea Abendschoen 2 of him having a gun. So then came along Kip’s twelfth birthday and being the good father he is and wanting to help cope with his son, he gave him a rifle.(The Young Kill) Some rules were applied to this gift like it had to be locked up at all times and Kip can only shoot it when his father was around. This only whet Kip’s appetite for fire arms and other violent weapons. Secretly Kip would build a small arsenal of weapons. (The Killer, video) Soon, after some incidents Kip was brought to a

psychologist by his parents. He would tell his doctor about what he felt and what was happening to him. The doctor had ordered two things: one was to have Kip put on Prozac and the other was to have Kip’s father ease up on him. (The Killer, video) Why would Kip’s parents let the doctor put Kip on this drug? It’s a known fact that anti-depressants have a tendency to trigger maniacal acts in a small portion of the patients. Kip’s parents should’ve done more in depth research on the drug then to let the doctors go ahead and give him this drug. (Douglas, Killer Teens) Other shootings and violent acts at schools have been committed by children receiving psychiatric care, counseling, and again drugs. Also adults who use such drugs commit crimes at higher rates.(Bresnahan,

Doping) It would almost be better if people are not put on these drugs. In closing, Kip’s parents only knew how to raise children without disabilities. They would let Kip have the wrong things at the wrong times and because of this he rebelled. Also they would push their son to the learning limit instead of just facing the truth that one of their children wasn’t perfect.