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five years old . He made me go to Karate and wrestling. My father was very big on fighting. There was no time for anything except for my father. He always found something for us to do. You could go outside, rake the yard, be done with it, and then you’d have to go sweep the driveway, then go rake the yard again, You had no free time for yourself, no privacy at all. Everyday he used to hit me, and one year he molested my sister. I found that out after I killed him I knew, even as I pulled the trigger I was going to prison. I just didn’t want my family to suffer anymore, or myself.” (Kozoc 13). These are only Some of the many stories that describe the anguish and desperation of these juveniles. And some of these stories are valid for the cause of so much violence among them.

When we talk according to the statistics family breakdown is 27% of factors important in causing crime, poor housing is 15%, poor education is 7%. and drugs is 22%. These are factors that judges determines as most important There are more causes of violence than family. And that’s why it’s very important in investigating other probable causes. One of them is watching too much violence on television by children and adults is certainly suspected as a major contributor. In a study by American psychological Association, they estimated that the average American child, by the seventh grade, he has watched 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on TV. (Baron, 154). In American cartoons, a violent act occurs on average 90 seconds. That is 10 percent more than 10 years ago. In an

article in the New York magazine, Ken Auletta quoted the association’s report which noted the consequences of watching so many acts of violence. ” Accumulated research demonstrates a correlation between viewing violence and aggressive behavior—that is, heavy viewers behave more aggressively that light viewers. Children and adults who watch a large number of aggressive programs also tend to hold attitudes and values that favor the use of aggression to solve conflicts.” ( Baron. 155). In a nationwide poll by the Times Mirror Company in February 1993, it was found that Americans are increasingly disturbed by the violence on TV entertainment shows, and 80 percent of them believe that it’s harmful to the nation. The survey showed the link between age and concern about

television violence. The majority of Americans – -72 percent of those surveyed said that TV has too much violence, about 25 percent characterized it as a ” reasonable amount” and the remainder said there is ” very little” violence on TV or had no opinion. The opinion percentages were almost the same as found by a national poll taken in 1971. What was different in the 1993 poll was that more Americans are troubled by entertainment violence now, and more believe it has a poisonous effect on society. Americans who said they were ” personally” bothered” by violence in TV shows jumped to 59 percent in 1983, with those saying they were bothered a great deal rising to 24 percent from 16 percent. ( Baron 155). Another contributor to violence and crime would be hand guns.

With easy access to guns and propensity of American toward violence, the result is that a lot of people are killed every year by guns—about 30,000 in 1991. How many Americans would be killed every year if guns were not available to the public? If criminals and hostile people only had hands and fists and knives to attack people, surely, only a small percentage of the current 24,000 gun homicides would actually occur. The five children killed in Stockton, California, school yard by Patrik Purdy, or the massacre of 22 people killed at Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, would not have happened if guns were not available. It is estimated that about one half of the households in the United States have at least one gun and that typical gun owner is fairly educated member of the

middle class. And this is what causes their juveniles to have easy access to guns. They see the guns and their curiosity makes them grab a hold of them and get hostile. That’s why in most child homocides firearms the number is 1,500, hands and feet 400, k 0.nives 180, blunt object 50, and other forms are 250. Deaths by firearms per 100,000 in the 15-19 age group in 1992 was as followed, African Americans males 105,000, African American females 10,000, white males 10,000, and white females were 1,000. This goes to show us that things are not getting any good compared to many years ago. More juveniles are killing and getting killed, Some of the violence happens in the schools and this is one story. A dozen teenagers watched as a fifteen year old student shot and killed a