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inseminated into the production of a pornographicproject. During the making of Deep Throat , a 1970 spornographic film, Linda Marchiano (a.k.a. LindaLovelace), was presented to the public as a liberatedwoman with an ever present and unfulfilled appetite forfellatio. What isn t known to the general public is thatduring the making of the movie, she was hypnotized tosuppress the natural gagging reaction, was tortured whencaught trying to escape, and also held at gun-point by herboss, who threatened her with death (Itzin 22). Ms. Marchiano did escape and when her story was told, it wasrepeated by a number of women in the pornography business. According to D Arcy Jenish many children are luredinto the pornography industry by choosing first to model.These young teen s egos are boosted

when they are told [they have good bodies] , and are asked if they workout? . More often than not, they are told to take off[their] shirts , and then asked Do you feel nervous? (36). These youngsters honestly don t know when too muchis too much, and what they don t know could put them inserious danger. Calvin Klein, once known for being a reputableclothing designer, is now known for his racy ads usingteens. Some feel he crossed the line when he chose thistype of advertising. Jenish observes that theseadvertisements featured an array of . . . teen-agedmodels dressed in loose jeans or hiked-up skirts, oneshowing bare breasts, others offering androgynous modelskissing (36). If adults in positions of power act thisway, these youngsters cannot expect other adults to actany

differently. Therefore they accept this type ofbehavior as normal. Diana Russell claims that tactics like these arebeing used more often in advertising and television, whichhas led media watchdogs and anti-porn activists to believethat this sort of masked imitation of pornography tricksmainstream television viewers into having an everybody sdoing it attitude about pornography. She also feels thatthis attitude subconsciously leads them into seekingpornography out (39). We need to show the youngergeneration that everyone is not doing it , and that it isall right not to have sex if they feel pressured. Another problem anti-pornography activists believearises from regular viewing of pornography, is theacceptance of rape myths . Rape myth is a termpertaining to people s views on rape,

rapists, and sexualassaults, wherein it is assumed that the victim of asexual crime is either partially or completely to blame(Allen 6). To help understand the rape myth a Rape MythAcceptance Scale was established, which lists some of themost prominent beliefs that a person accepting the rapemyth has. They are as follows:1. A woman who goes to the home or apartment of a man on their first date implies that she is willing to have sex. 2. One reason that women falsely report a rape is that they frequently have a need to call attention to themselves. 3. Any healthy woman can successfully resist a rapist if she really wants to. 4. When women go around braless or wearing short skirts and tight tops, they are just asking for trouble. 5. In the majority or rapes, the victim is

promiscuous or has a bad reputation. 6. If a girl engages in necking or petting and she lets things get out of hand, it is her own fault if her partner forces sex on her. 7. Women who get raped while hitchhiking get what they deserve. 8. Many women have an unconscious wish to be raped, and may then [subconsciously] set up a situation in which they are likely to be attacked. 9. If a woman gets drunk at a party and has intercourse with a man she s just met there, she should be considered fair game to other males at the party who want to have sex with her too, whether she wants to or not (Burt 217). Pauline Bart reports that studies held simultaneouslyat UCLA and St. Xavier College on students, demonstratethat pornography does positively reinforce the rape myth.Men and women were

exposed to over four hours of exoticvideo (of varying types; i.e. soft, hard core, etc.) andthen asked to answer a set of questions meant to gagetheir attitudes of sex crimes. All the men were proven tobe more accepting to rape myths, and surprisingly, overhalf of the women were also (123). Once again, the womenin these films were portrayed as insatiable and in need ofconstant fulfillment. After so much exposure to women inthis light from films and books, it is generally taken forgranted that women should emulate this type of behavior inreal life(125). comment?Of all the studies and examples from real lifesituations connecting pornography with violent behaviorand sexual aggressiveness, none are more concrete than theactivities the Serbian military are part of every day nowin the