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the Great Depression that film-makers foundthemselves sneaking in as much sexual content as possible,even then they saw that sex sells (Clark 1029). Filmswere highly restricted throughout the 30 s, 40 s, and 50 sby the industry, but once independent films of the 60 ssuch as: Bonnie and Clyde and Whose afraid of VirginiaWoolfe? (Clark 1029-30), both with explicit language,sexual innuendo, and violence started out-performing thelarger wholesome production companies, many of thebarriers holding sex and violence back were torn down inthe name of profit . Adult content was put into movieslong ago, we have become more immune and can t expect itto get any better or to go away. Porn is here for good. Pornography is a multi-million dollar internationalindustry, ultimately run by organized

crime all over theworld, and is produced by the respectable mainstreampublishing business companies (Itzin 21). Although thepublishing companies are thought to be respectable ,people generally stereotype buyers and users ofpornographic material as dirty old men in trenchcoats ,but most patrons of adult stores are well-educated peoplewith disposable income (Jenish 52). Porno movies provideadults of both genders with activities they normallywouldn t get in everyday life, such as oral pleasures ordifferent types of fetishes. Ultimately adultentertainment is just a quick-fix for grown-ups, asjunk-food would be for small children. Pornography s main purpose is to serve asmasturbatory stimuli for males and to provide a sexualvent. Although in the beginning, society saw it asperverted

and sinful, it was still considered relativelyharmless. Today there is one case studie, standing outfrom the rest, that tends to shatter this illusion. The study done my Monica D. Weisz and Christopher M. Earls used eighty-seven males . . . that were randomlyshown one of four films , by researchers William Tooke andMartin Lalumiere: Deliverance, Straw Dogs, Die Hard II,and Days of Thunder , for a study on how they would reactto questions about sexual violence and offenders afterwatching. In the four films there is sexual aggressionagainst a male, sexual aggression against a female,physical aggression, and neutrality-no explicit scenes ofphysical or sexual aggression. Out of this study themales were more acceptable of interpersonal violence andrape myths and also more attracted to

sexual aggression.These same males were less sympathetic to rape victims andwere noted less likely to find a defendant guilty of rape(71). These four above mentioned movies are mainstreamedR-rated films. If a mainstream movie can cause this kindof distortion of value and morality, then it should becomeevident that continuous viewing/use of pornographic filmsdepicting violent sex and aggression could lead vulnerablepersons into performing or participating in sexualviolence against their partners or against a stranger. Bill Marshall, psychology professor at Queen sUniversity and director of a sexual behavior clinic inKingston, interviewed one-hundred and twenty men, betweenthe years 1980 and 1985, who had molested children orraped women. In his conclusion he found that

pornographyappeared to be a significant factor in the chain of eventsleading up to a deviant act in 25% of these cases (Nicols60). The results of this study should prove thatpornography obviously has a down side to it. According to Mark Nicols, a psychology professor atthe University of Michigan, Neil Malamuth, concludes quitecautiously that some messages combined with other factors,including the viewer s personality type, in pornographycan lead to antisocial behavior and make individuals lesssensitive to violence. Dr. Marshall also quotes men inNicols article as saying, that they looked at pornographywith the intent to masturbate, but then became aroused,and decided to go out and assault a woman or child. Menwho are drawn into pornography and use it frequently, havealso been

proven to suggest more lenient prison terms forsex offenders (60). If this previous statement is true,should we reevaluate how many men serve on juries forthese trials?Itzin gives possible support for these theories. Itcan be found in the case of an ex-prostitute who had herpubic hair removed with a jackknife and was forced by herpimp to be filmed reenacting what they had seen inpornographic movies; she was sexually assaulted and forcedto have intercourse with animals, generally dogs. Anothersuch case is one of a woman who reports having metal clipsattached to her breasts, being tied to a chair, and beingraped and beaten continuously for twelve hours (22-24). The dehumanizing, degradation, and reduction of a woman sbody isn t just a result of viewed pornography, it isoften