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sometimes they overlap without a truedistinction, as in when the film is graphic in thesexual act and also in violence, but shows the act asbeing a mutual activity between the peopleparticipating. In my view, to further divide pornography, it ispossible to break it down into even simpler categories: soft and hard core pornography. Hard core pornography isa combination of the sexually explicit and violent and thesexually explicit and nonviolent, but subordinating anddehumanizing categories, previously discussed. Soft corepornography is thought to be harmless and falls into thecategory known as erotica ; which is the category basedon mutuality. In hard core pornogrpahy, commonly ratedXXX, you can see graphic depiction s of violent sexualacts usually with a man or group of men,

deriving sexualgratification from the degradation of a woman. You can also see women participating in demoralizingsexual behavior among themselves for the gratification ofmen. In a triple-X movie all physical aspects are shown,such as extreme close-ups of genitalia, oral, vaginal, andanal penetration, and also ejaculation. Much of the timeemphasis is put on the painful and humiliating experienceof the woman, for the sole satisfaction of the male. Softcore pornography, or X-rated pornography, is less explicitin terms of what is shown and the sexual act is usuallyput in the light of mutual enjoyment for both the male andfemale parties(Cameron and Frazer 23). Triple-Xpornography is manufactured and sold legally in the UnitedStates. Deborah Cameron and Elizabeth Frazer point outthat

other forms of hard core pornography that have to bekept under wraps, made and sold illegally in underground black markets. These are ultraviolent, snuff , andchild pornography. Ultraviolent tapes or videos show theactual torture, rape, and sometime mutilation of a woman. Snuff films go even future to depict the actual death ofa victim, and child pornography reveals the use ofunder-age or pre-pubescent children for sexual purposes(17-18). These types of pornogrpahy cross over theboundaries of entertainment and are definitely hard core. Now that pornography has been defined in a fashionmirroring its content, it is now possible to touch uponthe more complex ways a community, as a society , views ordefines it. Some have said it is impossible for a groupof individuals to form a

concrete opinion as to whatpornography means. A U.S. Supreme Court judge is quotedas saying, I can t define pornography, but I know it whenI see it (Itzin 20). This statement can be heard atcommunity meetings in every state, city, and county acrossthe nation. Community standards are hazy due to the factthat when asked what pornography is to them, mostindividuals cannot express or explain in words whatpornography is, therefore creating confusion amongthemselves. Communities are left somewhat helpless in this mattersince the federal courts passed legislation to keeppornography available to adults. The courts assess thatto ban or censor the material would be infringing on thepublic s First Amendment Right (Carol 28). MaureenO Brien quotes critics of a congressionally terminatedbill,

the Pornography Victim s Compensation Act, as saying That if it had passed, it would have had severelychilling effects on the First Amendment, allowing victimsof sexual crimes to file suit against producers anddistributors of any work that was proven to have had caused the attack, such as graphic material in books,magazines, videos, films, and records (7). People in acommunity debating over pornography often have differentviews as to whether or not it should even be madeavailable period, and some could even argue this pointagainst the types of women used in pornography: A fargreater variety of female types are shown as desirable inpornography than mainstream films and network televisionhave ever recognized: fat women, flat women, hairy women,aggressive women, older women, you

name it (Carol 25).If we could all decide on just exactly what pornography isand what is acceptable, there wouldn t be so much debateover the issue of censoring it. The bounds of community standards have been stretchedby mainstreaming movies, opening the way even further forthe legalization of more explicit fare (Jenish 53). Inmost contemporary communities explicit sex that is withoutviolent or dehumanizing acts is acceptable in Americansociety today. These community standards have not been around verylong. When movies were first brought out, they wereheavily restricted and not protected by the FirstAmendment, because films then were looked upon only asdiversionary entertainment and business.Even though sexualimages were highly monitored, the movie industry was hitso hard during