Violence And Corruption In A Clockwork Orange — страница 2

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punk. Another example of this is shown with the people who eventually try to help Alex. F. Alexander, the writer of the book A Clockwork Orange from whence the novel is named, does help Alex only for his own ends, and even harms Alex ?…I could [hear] music coming out of the wall, real gromky, and it had dragged me out of my bit of sleep…? (166-167) if he thinks that will help his cause more. These are just a few examples of how the people are just as corrupt as the government. Everyone in this novel is violent, from the cops to the government to the old men who spend their days in the library. However, Alex?s and other criminals, such as Pete, one of Alex?s former droogs, are in many ways better than the other members of this society because they ?grow up.? They grow tired of

the violence and decide to settle down and start families. This is something the citizens, police and government never learn. A young woman defends herself by beating Alex at the beginning of the novel, and an old man beats him at the end. The government change him one way at the beginning, and still not satisfied, change him again at the end. The police beat him at the beginning and the end. Even Alex?s social worker spits on him. However, maybe we see hope for the future with the true change in Alex at the end of the novel.