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the listening experience. Ultimately it comes down to the sound itself. To many people music on compact disc has a crisp dry edge that sounds somewhat cold and unfeeling. Not to say that the music is cold and unfeeling but that the sound lacks what the philosopher Wittgenstein described as, “how a clarinet sounds.”(Wittgenstein 1953, 36) Most recordings on vinyl are able to keep at least some of this tonal texture thru the essence of the analog recording process. Compact discs do have many advantages over vinyl records the most prevalent being their convenience, but if the sound quality is the most important aspect of the music than vinyl records in some way have a better ability to capture the true richness of recordings actually recorded using analog technology. So in the

respect of listening to jazz of the past, or classic rock there is very little contest to many searching for the true feeling of the music. The vinyl record has a place in the world of the compact disc if only for the occasional intensely introspective listen to the music you love the most. Backus, John. 1969. The Acoustical Foundations of Music. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. Cogan, Robert. 1984. New Images of Musical Sound. Cambridge: Harvard University Press Olean, Walter L. 1999. The Timeless Debate Over Whether Vinyl is Superior to CDs [website]. Dragon Discs ( Wittgenstein, Ludwig. 1953. Philosophical Investigations. New York: Macmillan