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Vincent Van Gogh Essay, Research Paper Biography of Vincent Van Gogh What drove Vincent Van Gogh, born March 30,1853, to his mental illness and suicide? Could it have been the many things he tried, but failed at in his life? He failed in many different careers, in love, and even his artwork. Van Gogh sold only one painting his entire life. Because of his mental illness, he was considered a crazy person. At the age of sixteen, Van Gogh went to go work with his Uncle Vincent, whom he was named after, as an art dealer at the Goupil and Co. This job had branches not only in Europe, but America also. Vincent was assigned the branch in London. There he got his first rejection in love. He fell in love with the daughter of his landlady. Van Gogh thought her feelings would be mutual,

though she was not attracted to him. In fact, she was disgusted by him. She was engaged to be married, anyway. Because he was so hurt from this rejection, he took it out on his career. He told the costumers they were buying useless junk and insulted them for that. Van Gogh had to go to Paris and only his uncle?s influence allowed him a second chance with the firm. His harsh behavior toward the costumers continued. In 1876, the Goupil?s managers had to let him go. Van Gogh, being the son of a Lutheran minister, was very much drawn toward religion. Van Gogh decided to prepare himself for ministry by training in the study of theology. He failed at the courses and could not be the minister he hoped to become. Even though he failed the courses, he still had the desire to be a

minister. His superiors sent him as a lay missionary to Belgium instead. There he wanted to be like his father and help out the unfortunates as a preacher. He tried to fight poverty through the teachings of Christ. Van Gogh?s mission had to be discontinued. His approach to fighting poverty did not make his superiors happy. In 1879, he moved to his father?s home in Ettan and stayed a while. He then left Ettan and went to The Hague. After leaving Belgium, he found he enjoyed painting stuff that moved him emotionally. He then thought painting would be the way to go in his life. Because Theo, his brother and only family member who really cared for Vincent, was delighted that Van Gogh was trying to find himself, Theo decided to send Vincent one hundred francs every month as an

allowance. Van Gogh needed the money since he was a very poor man. When Van Gogh was twenty-seven years old, he considered himself a failure. He could not hold a career and was not able to make a living. He could not stay in any job he tried, such as a an art dealer, a teacher, or doing missionary work. He felt he had no other way to go in life. He turned to the most helpless form of employment, being an artist. Theo supported hi decision and influenced him. Their relationship became close and they began a frequent correspondence. At the end of the winter and during the beginning of the spring, Vincent was going to face yet another rejection from a woman. He went to visit his parents and met his cousin, Kay. She was a widow with a four-year-old child. Kay was several years older

than Van Gogh was. Van Gogh, who thought he was in love with her, declared hi feelings for Kay. It only turned he off and she never wanted to hear from or see him again. She left and went back home the next morning. Kay?s leaving only made Van Gogh want her even more. He went to Kay?s parent?s house to find her. They refused to let him talk to Kay. This made Van Gogh feel even more abandoned and alone. The rest of Vincent?s family turned against him after that, also. Theo was the only one who still cared for him. Once again, Vincent fell in love. This time he was not rejected. His new love was a prostitute with a child and pregnant with another. Christina, also known as Sein, was ill and smoked cigars. Van Gogh, thirty-years-old at the time, proposed to marry her. At first they