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Vincent’s Musuem Essay, Research Paper ARTIFACTS GENUINE!!!BY,JEFF MCCLURE VINCENT?S MUSEUM?S ARTIFACTS PROVED REAL see below Recently at Vincent?s museum alot of talk was about the artifact?s some people were saying they were fake.So i decided to go and see if they were real or if the were fake.That?s when I found out the truth about the artifact?s they were real!!Now you may be thinking to yourself how did I figure that out.Well here?s the story.When I first got there I met Sam.Sam?s job at the museum is Cheif of security.This is were he told me a little bit about the museum.He said things improved with Janet whitmore the director.After I met Sam I talked with the caterer for the costume party they were having that day.He said the lights went off and people are saying

Janet?s stealing artifacts.SO far everyone thought it is Janet so I went to talk to her next.I found her outside the dinosaur exibit.She said she?s not responsible for the new artifacts.Also lenny knows history and he?s an astromiter.Since she said she?s not responsible I kept going.As I was going though the dinosaur exhibit one of the dinosaur?s started talking to me!He said his names Bronto the dinosaur.He also said Janet?s not responsible for new artifacts and a club know about the artifacts.Then I couple of other people but one important one is a guy named Sid.Sid said he bought a antique grandfather clock and it started to cause trouble and he almost got fired from it.Next I talked to rachle.She told me that the club name was The Explorer?s Club.She was the club president of

the club.I then met ramses who was future member of the club.ALl he had to do is collect a certain number of artifacts to become a member.Next i went into the attic vault where i found the antique grandfather clock that i was told about.I studied it and relized it was no ordinary clock.It was turned into a timemachine!SO if went into it and went back to 15th century italy where i met leanardo de vinci.But I found out the he was actually under thew name lenny.He told me how e got stuck time traveling and he got a job as a tour guide at the museum.In order for him to get back he need to get the clock so he ask sid to try to get it.after sid did he told sid about it and sid and him started going though time to get old artifacts that were real.That is how I know the artifacts are